Living your own way

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"Living your own way" is about all the people out there who want to live their way, to be themselves but are afraid to because of what other people would think. Everyone is different inside, it can be in the smallest of ways or the biggest, but those differences aren't bad, in fact they are good, original. I am hoping to encourage others to live their way through this miscellaneous, after all, there is no book to tell us how to act socially or how to live, the choice is entirely up to us.

Submitted: January 13, 2016

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Submitted: January 13, 2016



 People say that these days we are free. I don't entirely agree. In a way we are free because life is so much better than it used to be in so many ways, like for example that there is no more segregation, slavery, gay marriage is legal in multiple countries... but in another way many of us are still trapped. Trapped by stereotypes, impressions, appearances... many people can't live the life they want because they are afraid of what other's would think. Some people want to live different lives than what others are used to and they can't because they will be called strange or unsuccessful.


Everyone is different in many ways. Those differences can be extremely small and some huge, some dress differently, some have different lifestyles like living in houses, tents, in nature... some have different plans for the future: quitting school, going to college, finding a job as soon as possible... and some dream of being able to do all these things differently, their way but can't.

They can't because so many people have a certain idea of what people should act like, how they should live, what they should do at what age.

For example when some see an elderly person dancing to rock music, rap or anything hip, they will call that wrong because that person isn't acting like they should be at their age. When someone prefers to live in a tent instead of a house, that would be called wrong because it isn't “normal”. Or when speaks different that others, louder, old fashioned... that person would be strange and unsociable.


That idea of everything that is different is strange and wrong is exactly what forces people to live a different life than the one they wanted and then they won't be as happy as they would have been if they were just able to be themselves without being judged. There isn't a manual that tells us how to act and how to live. That means that there are no rules about how to act. Everyone lives along their own manual and should live how they want to live, no one acts the same socially, we live how we can and how we want. That isn't always easy to do when you are looked at differently or if you feel judged by others.


That's why I admire people who live differently, I would like to tell everyone who lives differently, with originality that I admire your courage and strength. It takes a lot to against what others think you should be like and just be yourself.


My advice to anyone who wants to live a certain way but is afraid of what others think is to go for it, be yourself, there is no book to tell you how to act or live, it is all up to you, as long as you are still here and breathing, you know you are doing something right.


Stay strong, keep on surviving, see you, I love you!

Live how you want to live, be who you want to be


Teen nobody.

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