Pain passes

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"Pain passes" is about recovery from depression, it shows people that no matter what you are going through, nothing lasts forever, every pain passes, every wound turns into a scar that you can then learn to live with and be proud of, it can turn into a sigh of you being a survivor. As long as you hold on and keep living, keep breathing, you will be a soldier and be proud and happy one day.

Today's topic is recovery, improving your life and never giving up. Never losing hope because it really does get better.


My life has been improving so much lately, I have been getting happier and happier even when some things in my life go wrong. For example I was left alone with my father for a week and a half and it did not go well at all, my father finally admitted that he thought I was a terrible person and he was actually sober when he said this. I told him that I truly hated him and had for years and so we continued staying in the same house not talking except when he told me to make him dinner or to clean the house, I couldn't refuse because I was too afraid that he would tell me to leave or get angry and hurt me.


A few months ago I would have hurt myself and thought about suicide but not this time, this time I went for a walk, smoked a cigarette and got over it. That's when I really noticed that I was getting better.


I also realised for the first time that my best friend and I are now former best friends and I am okay with that, actually I think that it is better that way, not talking to her has made me happier, only now do I realise how much talking to her hurt me. She used to put me down, make me lose confidence in myself, she made it harder and harder for me to live in the real world, she made me feel like my hole life was fake.


Since she has been out of my life I have been able to look at everything I have been through and I have been able to be proud of surviving all of it. I know I am not the most courageous person and many people have been through much more than I have but I still feel like a survivor, like a soldier.


That's why I have decided to write this miscellaneous, I started writing this as a sort of diary, a form of therapy to get all of my troubles off my chest but now I have decided to help others, my hope is that maybe one of you can see how my life has gotten better and learn that if mine has, then yours can too. By reading this maybe you can just hold on for a little bit longer, just keep breathing, please keep living and your life will improve, depression never lasts forever, it will pass, I know it sounds impossible and improbable but it really does pass.


I have recovered by not having the girl who was doing so much damage in my life anymore, by forcing myself to think positive even if it is one of the hardest things, by making new friends and doing what I love the most, writing.


My advice to anyone who is going through anything similar is to get rid of the bad in your life and find something you love doing, it could be anything, writing, a sport, film, photos, walks... it really can be anything as long as it makes you happy, just keep on living, force yourself if you have to, just remember that whatever happens, it will pass.


Stay strong, keep on surviving, see you, I love you!

Keep on living, it will pass.


Teen nobody. 

Submitted: August 29, 2015

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Sound advice! It takes real effort to move away from the things that are holding you back or bringing you down.

Sun, September 20th, 2015 3:50pm


Yes it is always hard to take a step into the unknown but once you do, everything becomes much easier and so much brighter.

Wed, September 23rd, 2015 12:21pm

Jeff Bezaire

Sometimes letting go of toxic relationships can be difficult, but it is necessary. Good on you for having the courage to get rid of that negativity! Happiness and confidence is worth losing a friend who created a world of negativity.

Wed, November 25th, 2015 8:29pm


Yes it is. It might be hard to gather the courage to end the negative relationship but once you do, it does get easier, I can promis you that. Thanks for the comment, it always encourages me to write when I get something like this.

Thu, November 26th, 2015 12:11pm

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