People will surprise you

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"People can surprise you" is about finding out who is really on your side during hard times, there will be times when you wonder if you really have any true friends, you wonder if the people around you will stand by you in times of a battle, you can't find out until you are actually fighting the battle. Don't shy away from the battle, stand your ground and fight, keep your head held high and you will see that people will be on your side and they will stand by you. Even the most unexpected of people, they will surprise you.

Submitted: August 07, 2015

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Submitted: August 07, 2015



 Sorry for not writing for a few months, my computer broke down. Anyway, today's topic is having people on your side.


During this last year I trusted my friend with my deepest and darkest secrets, I told her about cutting myself, I told her that I tried to kill myself and that I still thought about it sometimes. I made some new friends since then and she told them everything, she told my boyfriend and everyone else who would listen.


This didn't surprise me, I knew that she would tell them, I realised that that was her motive when I met the others, the thing that did surprise me was that they were all on my side. They all told me what she was doing and they told me that they were okay with it, they told me that she did the wrong thing by telling everyone and that if I decided to tell her off for it, they would understand and that they were on my side.


Everyone was on my side, I had a long talk with her about privacy and trust but she admitted to nothing, she said that the others must have guessed that I was like that. I decided that it was time to end our friendship, I had already given her a second chance and she had ruined it. I could no longer be her friend after everything she did. I told this to my other friends and they all stayed on my side, every single one.


A few years ago I thought that this girl was better than me and recently I have realised that she too was under that impression and still is. That's why I thought that no one would be on my side, I thought that she was better, I thought that everyone preferred her to me and that they would choose her but no, they chose me.


The message that I would like to send through this miscellaneous is that people can surprise you, there are time where you might think that you have no one and that no one will stand by you when you have a falling out with someone, but that isn't always the case. Don't be afraid to fight because you think that you will lose the battle, it is often when you think that there is no hope that you win the battle, it's when you think that all is lost that help comes to you.


Don't give up before the fight, don't shy away from it, stand your ground, keep your head held high and fight, there will always be someone there for you, someone to help, it is always the hard times that make your true friends come to your aid.


Stay strong, keep on surviving, see you, I love you!

Keep your head held high, you will find true friendship.


Teen nobody.

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