The most exceptional people

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Have you ever met someone that you are linked to but you barely know? This miscellaneous is all about how those are the people who can affect your life in the greatest of ways. All you need in life is people, sometimes the people the most important to you are the most surprising. The ones you barely know can turn out to be those who make the biggest differences in your life and those who restore your hope and happiness.

Submitted: March 12, 2016

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Submitted: March 12, 2016



Have you ever met someone who you are emotionally attached to but you can't explain it? Someone that you barely know but you love? I have experienced that twice and am only now realising how amazing it is. I have met one girl over the summer and have seen her for two weeks, I haven't seen her since but we have developed a bond, we are best friends even though we don't have any history together and we have seen each other only once. The second person is the daughter of my mother's former best friend, we always heard of each other though our parents but only met last years, we saw each other a few days since we met but we have found that we have many common points in life. We have adored what we have heard about the other and when we met it only got better.


When we met we were both having problems, we were giving up on life but the last time we talked we said that the other inspired us to continue and made us realise that there were people in the world worth living for. We both made it out of our dark places with more hope in humanity. We are in two different countries but we are always thinking of the other and once we see each other we can keep that hope until the next time we meet.


All of this has taught me that life is worth living as long as it is with the right people. There are people out there who will understand you and who will make your life worth living.

There are times when we wonder if life is worth the pain and question all of existence but if you are with the right people that feeling will pass and you can live the closest thing to a happy life as humanly possible.


All you need in life is people, life can be important as long as it is with the right ones, if it is with those not suited for you it will be a dark and lonely journey.



Stay strong, keep on surviving, see you, I love you!

With great people will come great happiness.


Teen nobody.

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