We are all the same

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic
This song is about living together. No matter where we come from or how we dress, what we believe in, we are all human and should accept each other.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



I may not look like you do

I don't have long hair, it's not even a natural color

I have piercings and tattoos

I dress dark with spikes and chains

But does that really matter?

Does that make me lower than you?


You wear dresses and bright colors

You laugh and smile

Your arms aren't scarred like mine are and your skin is flawless

You have long brown hair that you straighten every day

But in what way does that make you better than me?


I may not laugh as much as you do, I talk about death

I have a dark personality and think dark thoughts

But maybe that's the way I feel.

I have problems but don't talk about them, all I do is joke

It gives me a dark humor but it's all a coping mecanism.


The reason we look and act different is simply because we have gone through different shit.

You haven't gone through depression or abuse

If you had maybe you would understand me.

But in no way does that make me lesser than you,

We are both human and doesn't that count for something?


You look at me as if I am not even human.

Don't worry you are not the only one, I get that stare from people in the street, people I don't even know.

But how can my appearance make me less of a person than the rest of society?

People see me and think that I am a drug addict, sometimes a murderer.

Have any of my actions suggested that I am a bad person?

No, I don't do drugs,

No, I haven't killed anyone,

No, I have never even gotten in a fight!


My life may have been dark and my appearance may have changed

I look a little different than the average person but why assume that I'm not like you?

Maybe we are the same, gone through the same things.

How do you know if we have never even spoken?

You instantly think that I have no emotions

You have this image in your head that I am some kind of alien, but never would you even think that I might be human!


I live a "normal" life if such a thing exists

I don't spend my time plotting a school shooting and I don't live in a cemetary.

Whether I live in a house, an appartement or on the streets

Whether I dress in dark or colors, wear dresses or jeans,

Whether I believe in god or am an atheist,

I am the same as you, we breathe the same air and need the same elements to survive.

I am not a lesser person than you, nor am I better

We are all the same, whether American, Russian, Chinese or European,

we are the same, no language, nationality or appearance changes the fact that we are all human.


There comes a time where we need to stop judging, see people for who they really are,

After all that's what we are: people.

We feel the same emotions and go through the same journey, we all go through life, live through the hard and live for the good.

But life could be easier if we would all accept, accept that we are the same and for that reason could help each other out.

We don't have to get along, but we do have to acknowledge that we are all the same.

© Copyright 2020 teen nobody. All rights reserved.

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