A vampire's diary

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Living the life of a vampire.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



I made this special,

I made it just for you,

for anything supernatural requires special attention,

just anything could not do.

I was bitten by fear turned to hate,

but slowly accepted my fate.


As time went by I forgot the sunny Monday mornings,

I forgot the outdoors; the grass, the flowers and the mountains,

I forgot death as it was; I forgot mournings.

I forgot daylight and loved it when it rains,

when it rains heavily,

because those were the only times I could venture outdoors,

outdoors in the morning with no light to burn me.


I would patiently wait for night to fall,

because only then can I truly enjoy my life as it was,

patiently waiting on the vampire’s call.

My nights as they were cold and dark,

locked up in a nightclub as I wished to have them all.

The women were not normal; supernatural,

but I had no choice, it’s either them or nothing at all.

And the feeding would begin, the drinking of blood,

as unnatural as it would seem, had become so natural to me,

and everyone would just look so devilish,

as they bit and drank from each other,

some became creatures that were brutal and selfish.

They drank their fill from others because they couldn’t feed off themselves,

otherwise they would be poisoned.


Doing the same thing over and over every day,

promised to live forever,

thinking life would be happy and gay,

living as what I am; as a vampire,

is not as fun as it seemed.

The saying life was too short changed to life was too long,

dying is not something I’m scared of, it’s something I wish for,

thinking that everything that happened to me was wrong,

and never going to find that perfect her.

This is my life and I am not proud,

Hoping that someday I’d die,

For me, as the world turned slowly around,

wishing  myself a painful goodnight and goodbye.

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