When the heart becomes a rock

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Don't be stubborn when it comes to love, for when it's all gone... it might just be too late.

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



When the heart becomes a rock.


You’ve been there when no one else cared,

You’ve been there when no one else was,

You didn’t let go when everyone got scared.


And now that you’re gone I feel alone,

I feel like going up there before I got to see here,

And now my heart is like a big stone.

It’s seems hard on the outside,

But one slight push can break me up inside,

I feel like I have everything to hide.


But then someone came along,

And picked up that hard rock from the cold ground,

And brushed it ever so softly,

And sang that rock a song,

That someone didn’t think that rock was heavy.


I felt like I could move on,

But no matter how hard I tried,

The weight of that rock just kept getting heavier,

Because of the love it was denied.

That someone tried to make it steadier,

But that rock was too stubborn,

That rock thought it could get what it desired,

And that it could get love to be born,

In the heart of a heartless woman,

In the mind of a confused being,

But that woman never loved that man.


So that rock just hid itself behind all the other rocks,

It hid somewhere where no one could find it ever again.

And when others try to find that rock,

They always fail to find love.

For a rock can never love,

That stubborn rock wanted love from one person,

And one person only,

And that was from that heartless woman.

What a sad story.

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