Punishments of Temptations

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Jared and Belle without planning anything, goes into pre marital sex after not having sex for 6 months, and this time, being unprotected results to Belle being pregnant.

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



"Are you sure that's what happened?" Belle asked her friend Stacey about what the rumor that has been going on around school. About the cheerleading captain Tiffany, who had been said was the reason a couple from the school had broken up. "She wa all over Preston. Julia decided to surprise him for their 3rd month of dating, she saw Julia sitting on Preston's lap making out with him." Stacey explained taking a bite from her pizza.

"Well Preston is kind of a jerk too you know." Belle replied glancing over to Julia who sat alone on the lunch table staring off into space. "Poor Julia."
Stacey added looking over at Julia.
"What's going on?"Jaredasked as he placed his tray on the table and slid next to Belle giving her a quick peck on her lips. "Julia and Preston's break up." Stacey answered taking a sip from her cola not bothering to take her eyes off Julia.

"Well, Tiffany's a slut and Preston's an asshole. Makes sense to me." Jared said in response. "True" Stacey agreed looking at Preston who sat across the room surrounded by his friends who were goofing around, he himself goofing around, as if nothing had happened.

"What an asshole." Stacey murmured.

Later that afternoon, Belle stayed over at Jared's apartment for the night. Her parents were okay with him. Belle was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, when Jared came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You feel so hot and warm." She said after rinsing her mouth. She could feel the warmth of Jared's skin pressed against her bare skin.

"Only for you." he replied kissing her neck. Seeing her smile, he knew what it meant. He turned her around making her face him and he planted a soft kiss on her lips. In response, Belle wraps her arms around Jared's neck kissing him back nibbling on his lower lip pulling it away gently.
"Have I told you how absolutely sexy you look in that night gown?" he asked growling softly. Belle laughed and imitated a cat meowing at him. Jared raises his eyebrows and smirked.

"Well, that settles it." he said lifting her up as he kissed her making her wrap her legs around his waist. Belle does so returning Jared's kiss as they start to slide each others tongue inside their mouths. They continued kissing each other passionately as Jared laid Belle down on the bed, his hands rubbing over her right thigh and Belle's hands running down on Jared's back slowly down to the waistband of his pajamas.

Jared continues to kiss Belle as his hand cups the sides of her breasts feeling her nipple poke through her night gown and through his inner palms. Sliding one of her night gown’s straps from her shoulder, he kisses her neck and shoulder. “I love how your skin feels so smooth.” he whispers in her ear continuing to fondle with her round breasts. “Yeah?” Belle asks smiling tenderly Jared.

After a few exchanges of passionate kissing, Jared and Belle were now both naked around each other’s arms on the bed. Jared starts to slide himself inside Belle thrusting slowly whispering her name over and over. It had been too long for Jared since they have had sex, 6 months. But it didn’t bother Belle at all, sex wasn’t important to her, but it was to Jared. And even though they were only eighteen years of age, they had engaged themselves into pre marital sex. They did it few times being confident that no accidents will happen to them, and nothing has.

Jared thrusts into Belle faster and deeper while he used his other hand to squeeze her breasts. Belle lets out loud moans as she feels Jared’s hard and throbbing person dig inside her, feeling her wetness. “Oh god. You’re so hard..” she moans as she reaches down and rubs her clit while Jared thrusts himself inside her faster and deeper.

Bending down, Jared takes one of Belle’s nipples inside his mouth and flicks his tongue against it, his other hand tweaking the other nipple while he continues thrusting into her. “Oh yeah baby…” Belle moans softly at the touch of Jared’s tongue on her breasts her fingers entwined through his hair. He rams himself into her faster going deeper every time making her breathe heavily. Ramming more into her, he could feel himself reaching the top of climax. He lets out a loud and long moan as he comes inside of her shooting thick ropes of fluid inside of her. “Oh fuck..I’ve missed this.” he admits to her falling on the bed beside her panting like a dog.

“You’re amazing.” Belle replies looking at him with a smile as she kisses his chin softly.

Few weeks later, it was finally summer time. Everyone of the students were going to the mall avoiding the heat of the weather, few more were heading to the beach to enjoy their summer. Belle was painting for her mother as a birthday gift, something made her feel funny. She felt like throwing up, she felt a weird feeling inside her stomach making her want to let it out. She quickly ran to the bathroom and threw up inside the toilet bowl. She wiped her mouth and stared blankly at the toilet seat wondering why she had thrown up when she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. She felt her heart beat faster, it’s not possible, she thought. She immediately took a pregnancy test stick which her older sister gave her before her sister left for another city to work.

She dropped the stick on the counter sink of the bathroom, it showed it was positive. “Shit.” she cursed. Dialing Jared’s number on her phone, she called him over so she could tell him personally.

“WHAT?!” Jared exclaimed in shock of the news. Belle nodded and looked down covering her face with her hands. “My mom’s gonna kill me..” she cried. Rafe removed her hands away from her face and cupped her chin with his thumb and forefinger lifting her chin up so she could look at him. “I’ll stand up for it.” he assured her looking deeply into her eyes.

“This is the punishment. For doing unprotected sex…” she whispered still disappointed in herself. “Hey.. come on. I won’t ever leave you, and our baby. I love you. And I can’t wait for the day till our child will be born.” he said looking more deeply into her eyes trying as hard as he can to convince her. “I will never run away from my responsibility. I will face your parents. I take full responsibility of my actions.” he added pulling her close to him.

With that, Belle answered him with a smile and a tender embrace.

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