3 friends

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this the story which tells about 3 frndz

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



 THE THREE Friends
Once upon time in England there were 3 boys, namely Jack, Smith, and Tim (Hero of story). All the three were joined in the same school in the 8thstd. They were not friends before joining this school. Tim was first to make friendship with Jack. After few day’s Smith also joined with them and all 3 became thick friends.
As the three boys became best friends they always roamed together in holidays. But in the class room all the three would give much attention to the classes and all the three scored   good marks in the quarterly exams. But none of three achieved first rank; because there were 3 girls namely Rita, Ann and rose who were very self fish dominated the first three ranks of class.
Once in class a slight problem arose between the 3 boys and 3 girls it developed bigger and the 3 boys became enemies of those 3 girls. In boys side there was a boy named Richard hated the 3 boys. So he joined with those 3 girls indirectly. The three boys don’t know that Richard hated these 3 boys.
One day after the school got over Richard came to jack and asked to accept him as his friend. Jack also accepted his friendship. The next day when Richard came to school Jack introduced him to Tim and Smith. The three boys thought that that Richard was a good guy.
Then three girls went to Richard and gave him ideas. From next day Jack become the Best friend of Richard.
One day when whole class went to play out in school ground Tim and Smith stayed in class for some time and then came to play. Richard used this chance to create problem between them he rushed into class and took a costly pen of Jack which worth 10$ and he kept the pen hidden from Jack when everyone returned to class Jack saw his bag opened then he checked his box then he was just shocked to see that his costly pen was stolen.
Richard came to Jack and said that he has doubt on Smith. Jack asked why?. Richard said that Tim & Smith came late from class when we went to play it created a doubt on Jack's mind he went and checked Smith's box his pen was found in Smith's box.
Suddenly jack started to beat Smith asking why did stole my pen. Smith was confused then he said that he did not take the pen then Jack started to scold Smith then Smith got angry and he just gave a punch to Jack then the fight became more serious the Jack shouted that their friendship is broken from now. Then Tim came to Jack and tried to convince him but Jack said no need and also said that “Tim our friendship is also over”.
Then Richard and Jack sat together and Jack started to be best friend of Richards. Jack avoided contact with Smith and Tim. Then Tim and Smith were worried about activities of Jack. Then Richard went to the 3 girls and said all these. Tim saw Richard laughing with that 3 girls and he slightly got doubt on Richards. Then he followed Richards that day then he came to know the truth.
The next day in school as Richard entered the class Tim just punched Richards and Jack tried to save Richards but Tim did not mind it. He took Richards near to Jack and just was beating him then Jack asked why are you beating him. Tim replied that "He is the boy who created a fight between you and Smith and Me yesterday I saw him laughing with that 3 girls I went closer to them and stayed hiding myself from them and then came to know that the pen was stolen by him and just dropped it in Smith's box to create problem" Jack was shocked and after few min he said that
"I will not believe this Tim " Tim got more angry and said if Richard himself say's truth from his mouth then you can believe he asked? Jack replied yes. Then Tim asked Richards to say truth then Richard said " I sorry Jack, Tim, Smith the pen was stolen by me but it was the ideas of that 3 girls please believe me" he said then Jack came to Smith and Tim and cried in a loud voice and said sorry. Then the 3 boys became friends again. The three girls were unhappy knowing that the 3 boys were again friends. Then the boys decided to defeat those girls ” A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND IN DEED"



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