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Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




8th February: the day of being lucky & unlucky
once upon a time lived in Manchester, London. A husband and wife name ROBIN &VENUS. They were not too rich but they were a middle class family. Even though they were middle class they lived a very happy life. Robin was an electrical mechanic .After 2 years of their marriage life a baby was born to them and they name the baby as "MARK"(A Unlucky Creature). Days passed as Mark turned into 2 years child .But they were still a middleclass status. One fine Sunday morning Robin went to work Saying bye!! for mark and his wife Venus. This was a last moment that Mark &Venus saw him because he was dead after a current passed in his body .He died at the age of 32 years .Venus had a disaster cry in her eyes Mark did not cry as he was a small kid. Then days passed Venus started to work as a servant in houses for 1 year then the day which robin was dead came (8.2.1990) Venus was sad that day as she was returning from the work she came walking thinking the death of her husband . Suddenly a water tanker came at speed of (80km per hour) came and hit Venus .Venus was spot dead.

Then the boy became orphan, then the uncle of mark adopted mark .He was a rich man, and his name was Robert. He was hood looking and tall man. One day his friend came to meet in his house named Mason. He was a rude man and he was tall too. As mason saw mark in Robert's house mason asked Robert who is this Boy? Robert replied he is my sister’s son Named Mark. Mason asked why is here ?Robert replied that his mother and father is dead so I adopted him said Robert mason said I know that he is a orphan but I came to know that he is one of unlucky boy . Robert said who said like this to you. Mason replied everyone says that his parents were dead in 2 years as he was born. Robert said Hey stop it it’s not like that .Then mason said can I say you Something Robert said say .mason replied please send him out of the house or leave him in orphanage . Robert then got angry and asked "WHY". mason said he is unlucky as he was Born his parents were dead if you keep in your house it is danger for you and your family
Robert shouted at mason as "GET OUT "mason said you would feel for this one day for keeping him in your house Robert said let's see
now You get out of my place said Robert.
After one year again Feb 8th came that day Robert’s mother died after a heart attack. Mason came to Robert’s mother’s death his mother died in 8.2.1992. Mason came to Robert and said “That day I said you to send him out now what do you say” it’s not over now please send him out .But Robert said how can I send him out he is My sister’s son. Mason replied if you want to survive and be rich please send him out of the house or leave him in orphanage. Robert decided to leave Mark in orphanage so he said his wife to pack Mark’s things and he left him in orphanage and went off.
After 15 years Mark came out of orphanage at that time he was good looking and handsome guy. To full fill his daily needs he got a job as pizza delivery boy. One day he went to deliver a pizza to a house in that house he saw a beautiful girl name Florida the moment he saw Florida he fell in love with her. She looks very pity and good looking girl. One fine morning he saw Florida on the street of Manchester. He went to her immediately and proposed her but she refused it he followed her every day but she did not care about it. Then at last Florida accepted his love. She said about this to her parents named Justin & Rose her parents did not like this because they were rich but Mark was poor. So Florida’s parents arranged an engagement with other guy named Peter. Florida did not like this engagement.
At the time of engagement Mark came and Picked up Florida and rushed into church and finished the marriage with Florida. After the marriage Florida’s parents rushed into church and they were shocked seeing that Florida was married. They said with tears to Florida that she is not their daughter and went off.
Mark and Florida started their life in small house then Mark realized that he should work hard to full fill his wife’s needs and his too. Then he began to work more hard.
Then after one year passed he was improved a lot then Mark & Florida bought some ornaments which worth 5,00,000\"INR\". Two thieves saw Florida & Mark taking the ornaments and tried to take it. They followed them and at last they found their house. The next day Morning at 6a.m Mark went out somewhere The two thieves saw Mark going out and they entered the house to take that 5,00,000\"INR\"worth ornaments while taking that ornaments Florida saw those thieves taking the ornaments and she started to shout. Suddenly one of the thieves took the knife at that moment she thought Mark could come and save her. She had positive thoughts. As she expected Mark entered into house and punched on the faces of the thieves and saw them running away from his house. Mark went to his wife who was totally shocked. Mark consoled her and said, “relax, relax, nothing to worry God is with us”, and further he said “I thought that I was unlucky all these day’s but now my unluckiness vanished away the moment when you came into my life. Your positive thinking at last moment made me to save you. For first time ever I have been lucky. There is no more unluckiness in my life, and made the 8th February happiest day of my life. 1990 8th February was the day which I started to be unlucky. 8th February 2009 is the day which unluckiness went out of my life. These all 10 years of my life was a disappointment days of my life. So the remaining days of my life would be luckiest days” he said and they both started happy life from February 8th 2009. At 11:30 am............
 “So one should always be positive”


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