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Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




IN a streets of MASCOW, RUSSIA live a brothers the elder brother was CHRIS and younger brother was RAYAN. If CHRIS walks in street no would be scared but if RAYAN walks in the street’s  everyone would be very scared CHRIS was a good man with a good job but RAYAN was a mentally affected no one gave him a profession.
One day CHRIS got transfer to other country with a same job. HE got transferred to LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM. Then they moved to LIVERPOOL the people in MASCOW was very happy that RAYAN was out their country
As they moved to LIVERPOOL they met their family doctor who was already living their Doctor said that RAYAN can be cured from mental but he cannot remember  his past again. His brother was really happy after hearing the doctor words. But doctor also said that if he see’s anyone who appeared in his past life he has a chance to remember his past life. CHRIS was sad after hearing this. And doctor started to give treatment to him. He was cured after 6 months both doctor and his brother were happy.
Then RAYAN started to go for a work he stayed with his brother. He enjoyed his life he was very happy. In the time his brother was also married to a girl named SERINA. Then RAYAN, CHRIS, SERINA started to be very happy.
A year passed the marriage day of CHRIS and SERINA was yet to come in week that time SERINA went to CHRIS and asked him let us go and buy clothes to our weeding day CHRIS said I have to go to work today you go with RAYAN and he also selects good clothes. SERINA said Ok.
RAYAN and SERINA went to shopping at that time one man came running to attack RAYAN. RAYAN just turned and kept his hand for his self defence and enemy just gone away. RAYAN was confused what happened then his sister-in law took him away from that place they rushed to their house. Then RAYAN was sad that he beat that enemy. Then he went in search of that enemy to ask him why he came running towards him.
He searched that enemy in many places but he could not found him anywhere then he returned to house and sat sad in front of his brother his brother asked him why are you sad then. RAYAN said the story which happened when he and SERINA went to shopping. After hearing this CHRIS was scared when he heard all this then CHRIS asked who is he why did he tried to attack you. RAYAN replied I don’t know who is he and why did he tried to attack on me. CHRIS replied don’t worry go and sleep let’s talk about this later.
Then RAYAN went to sleep he suddenly got one bad dream and he got wake up then he went to drink water at that time he heard some whispering voice on hearing this he went closer then he switched on the lights at that time he saw 4 of them in that 4 men’s the enemy who tried to attack him was there then he tried to catch to him as the moment he switched on the lights the enemies saw him and 4 of them came running to attack him for his self defence he again kept his hand of the men in that 4 feel down then other 3 catched him 2 of them cathed his hands one them was came to kill him at that time SERINA came then of the men in 4 came went to SERINA with knife to protect his sister-in law he just turned his hands and gave hit to the enemy’s who catched his hands and went running and gave a kick to other enemy who had knife the other who fell down came with a rod and stroked on his back side of the head RAYAN somehow managed to protect his sister-in law and 4 enemy’s got escaped then RAYAN was nursed by the doctor and doctor went to CHRIS and said that RAYAN will remember the past soon CHRIS was shocked and asked how doctor replied one of enemy has stricken him with rod on his back head so he will remember the past soon CHRIS was very sad he went to RAYAN and asked do you feel anything angry RAYAN replied no. Then CHRIS said take rest RAYAN replied ok.
Then RAYAN slept his past was suddenly remembered to him he went to his brother and asked him what place is this his brother said this is our house which place is this in MASCOW.
CHRIS said we are not living in RUSSIA now we are in LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. RAYAN shouted why CHRIS replied I got transfer from there to here then SERINA came and asked RAYAN what happened why are you shouting RAYAN turned to SERINA and asked who are you? SERINA was shocked then CHRIS said every truth to RAYAN and SERINA. RAYAN stood up harshly and said I need to go to RUSSIA now CHRIS said no you should not go please respect my words RAYAN said why are you doing like this don’t you remember what did that RASHID do SERINA asked who is RASHID RAYAN replied he is the man who killed our parents and my lover and said then said how can I leave him please let me go CHRIS said no then they went to sleep RAYAN secretly got up at night packed his things and took some money and the moment when he was near the door to move away from house CHRIS saw him and stopped him going from house.
The next day morning RAYAN went to work at that time RASHID saw RAYAN and came speedily to strike him RAYAN saw that he was coming and just escaped from his strike then RAYAN said “ I was searching for you now you itself came to me and said this is your end RASHID” RASHID said “ I was also searching as you killed my brother I need to kill you now” RAYAN said what your brother is dead how RASHID replied that day you hit him he was dead at moment now it is time for you to go to hell RAYAN said let’s see come on let’s fight.
RASHID came running RAYAN catched him and twisted his hands then again he came running RAYAN again escaped and gave hi m a kick and RAYAN started to hit RASHID seriously after 30 min he was still beating him then he took RASHID up and came running and gave a kick to him RASHID flied and feel in fire which was burning right to their fighting spot.
Then police of ENGLAND came and catched RAYAN and locked him up in a prison after 5 years RAYAN was released at that time CHRIS and SERINA had a small boy who was named as PATRICK then he married the sister of SERINA who was named as ROSE then they started to live happily.


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