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this is real me and my friends really did this we had so much fun doing it to!

Submitted: July 13, 2009

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Submitted: July 13, 2009



Me and my friends where looking for some fun and broke in to Carlile House through a broken window wile in Carlile House me and my friends split up and I ended up with my friend called Caitlin. As we looked around the house we found a room with a closet in it. Written on top was "this is where 04m is, open and find out" and above that in big black writing was 'The Black Room' I opened the door, true to word it was completely black, thinking nothing of it we left. We told our friends of the room with the black room but not the black room as we neared the room Caitlin ran in to the black room and shut the door. BTW we all had object with us I had a torch and my other friend had a nail file and a light up mirror Caitlin had a small knife (we brought these because the last time we had come there where some doggy people offing us a tour of the house that we didn’t take then we got kicked out by some random guy claming to own the house and once we left he drove off) once Caitlin was in the closet I got Clare, with the nailfile and light up mirror, to open the door Caitlin had the knife rased. After everyone but Caitlin and I, Caitlin started writing on the wall with her left hand (she's right handed) "the light can not hide us we rise to hunt at night" then a small scull underneath. She almost fell over after she wrote this but I stabled her unsure of what had happened she looked around to see her little pome "that wasn’t there before" she asked me. "No you wrote it,” I told her. After a few minutes we got everyone together and explained. We got out of the house Caitlin and Roma walked off to the dairy and me Kate Luci and Clare went back in to get a photo of what she had written. We (me and friends) have been in that house 5 times now and are planing to sleep the night there one day. I do think Caitlin is telling the truth. But there could be another reason other than ghost. There is nothing of real interest in that house to explore much me and my friends have like add or something and need something to do at all times and a reason to hang out together cos we are so random an abandoned house is the type of place we like to hang out. lol.

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