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I am an American Hero.

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Dedicated to all my fellow American Veterans.

Submitted: July 02, 2019

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Submitted: July 02, 2019



I am an American Hero

I am an American Hero

With my uniform pressed, I walk with immense pride.

Congratulations, hugs, and kisses I receive in abundance.

With smiles and cheers people pay for my beer.

As an American patriot, I’m inclined to die for this nation

I am an American Hero

I am very strong willed and greatly fulfilled from my service.

The comradery I share with my brothers in arms, is incomparable.

I give thanks to my God for the position I possess within my ranks.

With great physical and mental health, I am forever home.

I am an American Hero

Now back home, separated from the service, I have a nervous stride.

When I am around people, it is like I don’t exist.

With my disability income, I can no longer pay my bills.

I stayed ramped up and the thought of death failed to evade me.

I was once an American Hero

Missing and knowing only the service, I now have a large, empty void.

Why can I not find my position amongst these strange people?

I pray to the lord; he gives me a reason to live.

Now that am home, pain has taken over my bones, and my mind has escaped me.

I was once an American Hero

With despair in my heart, I now drag and crawl.

“Stay away! You dangerous stray,” is how I am greeted.

Any income received now supports my vices.

Ostracized and hopeless, I struggle with the decision to end my life.

I am an American tragedy

I now reside in the margins of town; can people even remember I served?

I hide from all humans because of the shame of what I have become.

Please forgive me lord, but I no longer want to be alive.

Now my body has no function, as I lay in this casket, draped with an American flag.

I am an American Tragedy.

I was once an American Hero.

I am an American Hero.

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