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A dream I had on May First 2008.

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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Submitted: May 06, 2008



I was in my Grandmother's house and there was an old woman lying in bed in the back room. As I moved into the living room a man entered it as well from the other side. he approached me and tried to shoot me in the back... I find this odd because he was approaching me from the front. He was shrouded in shadow and I don't even recall what he looked like, but I found that I had a gun of my own in my right hand. He began to corner me onto the couch.

With my left hand I tried to push him away and deffer his gun from my back and I shot my gun straight into his chest over and over and over. At first he would not weaken and he may have gotten a shot in my back aswell... but then he pulled back his shoulders slumped over and a shadow over his face. He became a young woman in a night gown with a hand clutching her bloody chest and black hair slung over her face.

Great remorse swept over my body and I jumped from the couch to comfort her. then I mustered up all of my strength, put my hands on her chest, and healed her wounds.

Then a familiar voice issued form the back room and I remembered the old woman I had sensed there when this segment of the dream began. She could have been my great great grandmother who died when I was three. The voice told me that she had just passed away.

With healing energy still pulsing in my hands and veins I would not let such a thing be. I knew that if I could heal fatal wounds, then I could also resurrect the dead.

When I opened the door to the back room, I saw that the old woman had transformed into an old man... just as the man had turned into the young woman in the living room. And as I opened the door, my two sisters where at my side encouraging me to resurrect the man. Without touching him I prayed and he was resurrected.

But there was something strange about him. He had on blue clothing of an indefinate quality and some sort of strange blue breathing mask as though he were scooba diving or flying a jet. I don't recall exactly what his clothing looked like or his mask but there was a definate implication of breathing difficulty.

He told me then that he did not want to live and that he would rather be dead as before. He explained that he was doomed to be a virgin forever and that death was better than life without the opportunity of intimacy. My sisters could not hear this nor did they react to his ressurection. I don't think they could enter the room. So I told him to sleep and that he would never awake to life again.
I turned in the doorway and my sisters stood there behind me. I told them that when he returned to sleep that he would die because that was his request. They were dismayed...

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