Letter to a Friend 2

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letter to a friend

Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



Everyone and everything,

In this world has a purpose and meaning. It is how people and things are used that adds to or takes away from God’s intended purpose for them or their natural meaning.

The physical world has laws that govern it. That is just the way things are. Gravity causes all things to move toward the center of the earth. Inertia keeps the earth in a set orbit. It rotates to evenly bathe its surface with warmth and even wobbles to give the poles seasonal light. The physical world is so structured that it is kept in perfect balance under the greater theme of cyclical motion; where everything turns back in on itself in circles to form unending cycles.

Why should we go against perfect and natural law? It has kept the world we live in sustained forever. These laws are God's laws. For everything there is a birth and a death, a creation and a destruction.

God created nothing evil. Things only become evil in the way that they are used. That is, to use them outside of natural order. Why eat if not to nourish the body? Why drink if not to hydrate the body? Why sleep if not to rest the body? Why gorge ourselves on food if not to destroy our own bodies and create distain in the hearts of those who love us? Why get drunk if not to destroy our own bodies and make fools of ourselves? Why sleep beyond the bounds of rest and wallow in laziness if not to destroy our own bodies and chain ourselves to physical, mental, and spiritual depression?

If everything where used in a way that is natural and not to fulfill misguided selfish desires, there would be no sin in this world. For sin is what destroys us.

The written law was not created to bind us, but to give us sight in a world where we have become blind. This law was created to guide us back to what is natural and healthy.

There are motives behind every action. Is an action meant to fulfill misguided selfish desires, or is it meant to facilitate healthy rapport? If an action is done out of the former, it is done out of the sinful nature. We all have a sinful nature, but it is unique to each person.

Christians are called to die to the sinful nature daily and be reborn with Christ as a new selfless being. It is in human nature to do what is right, but we have become twisted, and evil has become so large that it has opportunity to overwhelm us. Since Adam and Eve the poison of sin has tainted all of the natural cycles it has touched destroying them and spreading to others. This makes it hard for us to resist it, but God is a loving a merciful God, and has done everything in His power to keep us from temptation beyond what we can bear and to pull us up out from this fallen world and into eternal salvation when our time has reached its completion.

Sin is perpetuated only through us. We are all broken people and can be blamed for passing sin along. None of us can say that we are completely healthy and upright.

The health of our souls hold great sway on our overall health. When our spirit is ill, so can our bodies be ill. It doesn't help that there are things out there that can infect usand destroy our bodies as well.

I think I need to get to the point now.

Fear comes from being on the verge of the unknown. Fear comes when you step beyond your comfort; when you take the blinders from the sides of your eyes. But I know more than most (after living a few years in the valley of the shadow of death) the living in fear is not the way to go. The best way to overcome it, it to understand it and confront it with what you have learned. What is behind your fear?

Are you uncertain about what comes after death? that is why I lived in its shadow for years. Every day For about four years... every day I thought I was going to die. I thought that I would either cease to exist or that I would go to Hell every day for about four years. It was Hell on earth.

I finally figured that I was going to do something about it. I was going to understand my fear and confront it, debunk it, and learn about my alternatives. I found I need to find my trust in God although I could not understand why He had allowed me to suffer.

And here I am today. I found that living for God and to glorify Him by following His design is the only thing that can make me feel that I have a purpose and meaning.

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