Letter to a Friend

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Letter to a friend

Submitted: December 15, 2007

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Submitted: December 15, 2007



It's quite simple... I live for God. This allows me to actually live, because I am doing what I was made to do. Living as God created me to live, I glorify Him and this gives me joy, fulfillment, and peace. Out of love God comands me to devote myself to becoming righteous and pure because that is what He is, and being such is what we all want. We want to reflect his image and this glorifies Him.

So I was created to glorify God. This makes me happy, because that is what I was made for. I was made to strive to be like Him and in doing that my heart is filled and I am content.

Really, it's simple, but it's hard to explain. I just need to repeat myself a few hundred times and then it catches on. "Oh, how simple." you may finally say... : )

How do I glorify God? How do I reflect His image? I reject my own and embrace what I cannot see. I cannot see the spiritual realm or God. So what is His Image? Indulging in the images of this realm seems quite oposite to feeding on the invisible. Faith, hope, love, joy, peace, life. You cannot see these things, but you can see and feel them working in our loves. They do exist. We just need to know them and believe them, not just see them. What is contrary to love?

I don't realy want to go into all wisdom and philosophy because I'm just not learned enough, nor will I ever be able to attain true knowledge, but just these basics seem so obvious once laid out.

I was put here not just to find my own trust in God and realize the path he has cut out for me, but to wlk the path and to help others realize their own. I wasn't created for myself, but for God, and then others below that. I must help others before myself, God is most, then there are others, and I am the smallest. Does this make sense? hmmm... I'll have to explain more later.... I'm getting really hungry : ).

Simply... I think i am supposed to help others find their placement in God's plans...

How do you fit in? Do you believe? What do you believe? Yes that's a better question... what do you believe? I want some roots. 

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