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Non-belief in not operable. belief is the foundation for the mechanics of living a life with happiness.

Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008




You have no beliefs at all.  This is not a good thing.  You must have some sort of belief when it comes to the deeper things ingrained in the fabric of our lives.  If at most you believe there is no such thing as the spiritual, at least you believe that.  But there is no mute point on this topic; everyone has a belief whether they explore it at all or not.  Everyone knows in their hearts what they believe.  Whether you are angry with what you believe or have conflicting views with it are beside the point... there is always something rolling around up there.  Perhaps you just don't think about it, but I assure you, you cannot have true happiness unless you reconcile with it. 

I know what I believe... I am just having trouble reconciling with it.  But if you believe nothing at all, there is little to reconcile with.  I personally have an inner struggle that holds a tight grip on my heart and a vast automatic system failure network in my mind.  I don't know if that’s a good description of it, but it’s there none-the-less.  It beats through my blood with the pump of my heart and it’s filtered through my breath.  However I am endlessly fascinated with the vast array of religions that sweep the earth... and the similarities take my breath.  Everyone sees good and evil and they are basically all the same.  Things that are detrimental to our health and good communal relationships are always considered evil and with great wisdom they are distinguished... many times what we don't understand to be ailing are divinely distinguished in many ways...

But one thing I don't understand at all.  How can one believe nothing?  Many at least believe in science and the laws of the universe as the governors of existence.  But nothing... that is a truly terrible belief.  Are the various colors of the human character truly just the anomaly of non-order?  Is color just a pigment caught in our eyes with no purpose?  Do tears flow from our eyes in vain?  Do our dreams float around with meaningless hope and our faith seem something unreal due to its invisibility?  Is love a delusion and are its affects useless?  No!  I don’t believe in pointless existence, there is too much evidence against it.  I know in my heart that the universe beats with a different meaning, something hopeful and just.  Somehow we will all be justified for our hearts and thoughts... all beliefs know this... it is obvious to all religions through time and space... we will all be justified.  All will receive what they have sown and time will continue on past the destruction of everything as we know it. 

Whether you believe anything or not, there is no debate that something gives endless order to the laws of the universe.  There is no debating the cycles of birth life and death renewal and decay that orbit all existence.  non-belief is non existence... what after all has caused this existence... there very well could be nothing... no time space depth fullness light or darkness, just a seamless nothingness that floats through unending nothingness voidless and substanceless...

But something does exist... how? And from where did it originate?  No one has the wisdom to know for sure, but just the existence of it all in the first place is evidence that there is something at work in all of our lives that is beyond our understanding, and that created us and the environment we live in.  Something that with unending wisdom has constructed the mechanics we hold to as truths undebatably.  How could you not believe for that truly is non-existence and the opposite of meaning? How can you operate without meaning or purpose… Nothing can.


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