Acension Of The Spirit

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A short essay on wisdom, the spirit, and truth.

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



\"A pot is made of clay, and yet it is in the portion that is not made of clay that its use resides\"

Lao Tzu

Many years ago, a great man, named as the father of Western Philosophy by many, was heard to say and use the phrase \"I am the wisest man alive, for I know, I know nothing\" As used when the Oracle of Delphi claimed him the wisest man in the world, Socrates challenged men who claimed themselves wise and showed them to be unwise, claiming \"Those who profess wisdom are always in fear of being proven wrong, a man who professes to know nothing, is never wrong\" This man, along with many enlightened and inspired thinkers, especially those who were masters of the tongue and wit, was taken from the world early, when his native Athenians did a strange thing, and executed the smartest man, in arguably the capital of learning of the ancient world.

A king who fills his halls with gold and jade can never keep them safe, so to is it with the man who aspires to know everything, he can never boast a wide intellect or keep it safe from confusion.

In long periods of meditation, I myself have found connections to my spirit and that of spirits around me, and I find myself constantly thinking about the way of things, the meaning, and the constant force of absolute truth (which I call \"The Dao\") and I wonder if at all, the path to happiness has been hindered by laws and regulations, that incline man to break them. If law does not work, as it is based on truth that humanity as a species, cannot harbour in its basic form, as all men see the world differently, (as with the beauty myth) as there is no model to base truth upon unlike the colours, for example blue is blue in the sense that every man and woman will indentify it as blue. But a blue shirt is not truly blue as wash after wash after wash it may become gray through fade, and therefore is not absolute truth due to its changing state.

To conclude, one may answer \"Stop thinking, and end all problems\" When a follower of Descartes may argue, \"I think, therefore I am\" The real question lies in the connections of truth, wisdom and virtue, are they merely human creations to provide a state for all men to attempt to reach? Are they thoughts of what men can never percieve or attain? Or are they simply beings in the far off distance that inspire us to not lust for knowledge, but lust for the pursuit of knowledge itself.

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