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A speech

The lights dimmed and a speaker stood up to the soap box with a short dash of applause, many various eyes shine back at the speaker, as he opens his statement.

"I believe that it is in the view of all peoples, to see that our words have never fallen on deaf ears. I also believe that we people in the higher places, us people with powers over small or large quantities of men and women, hold a responsiblilty to show them time and again, our willingness to be a firm subjective people, who base all our beliefs upon realities and real life reasonings.

For as long as we few people hold our eyes upon the bearings of sufferings, where people are accused and reviled, where people destroy one another for a simple reason oblivious to those with an wisp of intelligence to them, we can see the great power we hold in our heads."

The scene changes to a urban street in a far off land, rounds are being spilt from each end, and the no mans land created is a silent ghost town of anarchy. Both ends have two very different goals wishing to accomplish, as in all wars this is a-given, so not only bullets fly through its alley ways, through its streets, and through their people, it is strong attacks of opinion and rash judgement.

"I wish not to share a view of distaste, nor do I wish to make clear an obvious wanting to shock the viewer, but I do wish to share an opinion with you. It comes to me that in the coming months I will see many a media crusade, and many followers behind them, not quite sure what they are following. It has been the dream of many men to try and accomplish their own marks of pride and glory, many attempts also have been made to insulate and block the public from truth and obvious recognition of the realities that exist in the world that we live. It is also true to say that we have grown lazy in our ways in which we call our selves the defenders of freedom, I can honestly say that through time we have slowly severed ourselves from an image of freedom, that leaves us constantly fighting freedom fighters, in a swirl where we alone do not know what it is we cherish above all, to all those who follow the path of which we all love, I say good luck."


Submitted: July 12, 2007

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