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A Story of the Mind

Submitted: July 28, 2007

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Submitted: July 28, 2007



It is a calm melody that colours my fate

With swirls of colours that make me unwind

With a falling into constant darkness of late

Refreshing tingles awaken my mind


Sword in stance freely, motionless and shimmering

Bent on destruction the chance of skewering

It swirls in waves and slashes across

Ends in such artistry which is the world's loss


Gallantry, Chivalry hone in on men

That fuels them, and makes them see

Great deeds of all that fuel from protection

Of a fairer sex which is a pure tear drop to see


Thugs find there calling, and call as they might

Working in darkness, in the cold starless night

Feeding on the elders, the young and the poor

Its not about feeding, its about wanting more


Beauty, Love, Strength and devotion

Fall to women who stand stronger then all

Breathing in us, what feeds all male motion

With dazzling looks that make the whole world fall


Sword in stance waits, patiently to fly

And the sword glides swiftly, shining in eyes

And is sheathed quickly as is our honour

Waiting, just waiting to be called out once more

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