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Submitted: January 19, 2007

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Submitted: January 19, 2007



"I would say some mystical words, that mean little in the here and now, but instead I will say words that are obvious to many, but absent to the few. Love life to its fullest, simply because it is the only thing in life you truly control. Do not weep for a lost love, for weeping for a lost love is an attempt to cry away pain, rather accept that things have occurred splitting destiny, perhaps not in your favor. Never accept words of advice as law, merely look on them as advice when you are down. Love and hold your friends close, because friendship is what makes life worth it, not love. Make rash decisions, never think over everything you do, let things flow as they would without critics, and life becomes free. Look to your mind, express emotion through poetry, thought, discussion and love, let it become a bridge to yourself that others can cross, and be guarded to do so. Walk away from advice, thinking, not doubting."

David Paul Fitchett


Today, I see so much of it, the continuation of mankind, aggression, bloodshed, war. These things are the only certainties in the future, as humanity would always dig itself on ideals, and ways of living, such that conflict of common interest in always apparent.

I look at the original sin of man in Christianity, which is seen as the fruit which Adam and Eve ate, disobeying God’s law, a lot of the time the fruit is linked to knowledge, temptation and a lot of the time sex in society, did God never intend for children in humanity?

At the complete opposite side of the spectrum, at the “Satanic” religions, and the original sin is written as stupidity, which (call me blind here) but if you are prepared to cast spells to make your life better, you’ve broken your creed.

Back to Adam and Eve, a lot of it is taken the wrong way, and as humans we would never claim that Adam and Eve made a mistake, end of, or perhaps they invented modern society by giving knowledge, (and if God hadn’t placed a flaming sword to guard the tree of life, then who knows) Instead we try to point blame at either Adam or Eve, and the serpent of course, we don’t forgive, a tenet of Christianity.

Looking at the punishments that God dealt to both Adam and Eve, I think that it might have been a bit over dramatic towards Eve’s punishment, “Painful Child birth, and near enslavement to their spouse, rather then a partnership” this little paragraph has born era after era of sexism, and really wounding mankind, not allowing it to advance, a shame really.

As with the sexism, and mistrust the bible lays down in the first book of the Old testament, we can understand that this was a book wrote along time ago, and we can hope that humankind has moved on from this, although in many Near eastern lands, where Christianity was born I might add, we have women wearing hijabs with or against their will, indeed you might say that women and men are good at separate tasks, and in some  more extreme senses, which a few Muslim imams have been preaching, women have half the brain power of a man, its statements like this that make me fear if we’ll ever move on from here.

I know we all would pray that Jesus was white, clean cut and shaven, owner of a lovely house, a loving and intelligent wife, adorable children and a big American car but outlook grim on that analogy, no one can remember what Jesus looked like, and it has never been what Jesus looked like that mattered now was it?

We look to all the fundamentalists, the scourge of the faith really, you find them shouting “Hang the Gays!” or some other rot that would make Jesus question where his faith is going, as well we have NRA (or Nut Riflemen Anon.) where a horrible occurrence, which is a day for mourning, and outward thought, is their day to start campaigning for more freedoms on gun control, the bastards.

I see a lot of reason melting away in society, where a political candidate can be voted in by choice of haircut or age, not even attempting to glimpse at the standing or viewpoints, this leads to the Gary Coleman Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t even get me started on that.

Overall its easy to state that humanity bears flaws, and most of these flaws are self imposed flaws, such as hatred or not understanding, of course when passion or motive fuels us, we may just do about anything. I remember a story when an IRA bomb placed in a shopping centre went off, killing people, and in particular, two young children, and the father of those children forgave the IRA, saying that society would never advance if I didn’t, could you do that? I know I couldn’t.


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