Shades of the mountains

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
just read it. i promise it will be worth it

Table of Contents

First chapter

Submitted: March 17, 2017

Mountains turned blue as the night fell. A star appeared in the vast blue sky. I buttoned up my coat as I sighed at the beauty of the sky as it mixed with an orangish outline of the mountains. More stars appeared as I stared at it. Lots of things were on my mind this morning but it seemed so distant and futile. I always looked up to sky when I was sad as a kid. I believed that many things were out there and also under the vastness, I felt small, so did my problems. I am 26 now but I still look up at the sky when I am sad and everytime an immense sense of calmness sweeps over me. Today as I looked up, nothing felt lighter, it was like calmness was reaching out but I couldn’t hold it. I went back in, as a rush of warm air swept over me. It was already winter, the year felt like sand in one’s hand. Today I was more confused than sad because I had woken up with a strange dream so vivid as a memory of a child. In my dream I was near a calm sea and infront of me stood a women with dark hair and so tall . Her back was turned towards me. I stood there gazing at her as she put her feet into the water, I instantly asked “ do you have to do it?”. She didn’t seem to notice my question as she moved further into the sea. She looked like a siren as she slowly glided over the waves. The bright full moon gave her hair a whitish glow. I was devastated and woeful for the sacrifice she made. Such a beauty but a waste as I fell on my knees, i wept. In the dead silence of the night, the waves crashed against the rocks diminishing the sobs that were escaping from me now. I was scared to open my eyes for I knew what I will see. I thought I was prepared for it but god it was painful. The sadness consumed me whole, breaking me into million little pieces. I was among the sands now and the next wave would take me with it. In the dead silence of the night, everything happened yet nothing happened. I had replayed it many times as I can remember in my mind but I couldn’t make out anything from it. I never had such a dream so strange, random but so beautiful and sad. I discovered my cheeks were wet from the tears and pillows damp. I was in an intense agony as I woke up. The pain was beyond any emotion I had felt till now, I cried for an hour after I woke up because i was feeling too miserable from the dream. The dream made me feel like there was no reason to live anymore but yet I had so many reasons to live. I rubbed my temples as I threw myself on the sofa, today was tiring with all the paperwork that has been increasing lately. I didn’t see my door closed all day as people kept coming in with the papers. Most of all I couldn’t focus at all which made my work more hard. Miu seemed to notice my troubled face as she brought in a coffee for me and told me to relax a bit. Miu and I met in college, when I was doing bachelors in science, she was in 2nd year masters. When I saw her for first time in the canteen I couln’t stop staring at her, not that she was really beautiful or anything. It was just that she looked really different and unusual. She had straight light brown hair with an oval face that reminds you of an egg. Her eyes were light green with orangish tinge which I later noticed. And she used to keep bangs which made her look like a elementary kid. All put together she looked very distinct from other people around her. I later met with her because one of my friends were helping her with her project about marine animals and its habitat. I had always been intrigued about the ocean and animals within them so I decided to go with him to see the project. There she was, with her hair in a knot but half of her hair had fallen out and was covering her face. Jun called her and she turned to us with a startled look on her face. Something jumped inside me and I don’t know what it was. I felt my face becoming hot as I stood there looking at her. She didn’t seem to notice my abrupt behaviour so I tried to act normal and introduced myself. I shook her hand and it felt right, something like a piece fits into a jigsaw puzzle. Read Chapter