Episode 2... Life of a politician

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What's wrong with been a politician, are they that bad and careless.... I asked myself.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



Mum, The most prettiest woman have ever seen and met my whole, was born into a home of five, her Mother whom we call Big Momma, her father who we call God Papa, her sisters. Momma is the first daughter followed by her two younger sisters, Mariah and Carieh the twins, Momma's mom died while giving birth to the twins, the twins were raised by the Nanny God father arranged through his friend, Nanny Martha. God father never had the time for his children not to talk of spending a little Time with them, he abandoned them because that's what Mum called it "He abandoned us, and this made me cry alot and wish my mum was alive to take care of us"... Whenever she says this she was always wet with tears, I will just stand there trying to imagine what God father did to them then comparing it with what my dad's doing presently, I felt irritated, pity within myself. "He made us go through alot, we went through hell, Nanny Martha was already old she could only bath and feed the babies, and get me ready for school, she really tried and cared for us like her own children, but within me I knew I was incomplete, I knew am missing something very special, sometimes I blame the twins for killing mum, if only she did not give birth to them she wouldn't have left me so soon, I cried all night.... She concluded with her handkerchief drained, I just stood there still and straight with my imagination. With my curiosity I asked her, Mum then how come you hate politicians so much, and what has grandpa done to deserve those ill treatment from you? She looked at me, drew me close with one arm and cuddled my brother with the other arm... She prayed "Non of my children will go through the trauma I went through" within me I said a BIG AMEN because I don't even want to go through half of what Momma went through, "Your Godfather killed my sister's, they were so lovely the always made me forget I don't have a Mother, but then he killed them... I was shocked why would grandpa kill his daughters, did he strangle them or how? I was baffled...." He came home one day, he discussed with the Nanny, I don't know what they talked about when Nanny came out she looked lean, I wondered what happened,I looked at her, but she tore her gaze away, I shifted on my seat, I felt uncomfortable then I stood up my legs were shaking I knew something was wrong, Then she drew me close and hugged me so tightly the twins were laughing, I knew she was crying I shifted back asked her "Nanny why you crying" she quickly pulled her self together "Am not crying my dear it's just that am gonna miss you... I was shocked" Nanny where are you going too then she explained that Our Godfather asked her to leave, that he is about to get a new wife, who's gonna take of us,My ears banged, I stood fixed then the screams came from nowhere, the twins shouted too, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to meet your Godfather, Daddy, daddy!! What have you done, where is Nanny Martha sent to? Oh, you want a new wife, daddy it's not allowed, you want to marry a witch who will kill us, okay fine, daddy Marry your wife and let Nanny stay. Godfather replied "your new mum is bringing her own Nanny and she has asked Nanny Martha to leave am also depressed but what can I do,you need a mother who's... I cut him short" No dad you need a wife our mother is dead and I only recognise Nanny as my mother let her stay, leave her be or I will leave with her with twins... He looked at me with a daring look and I ran out immediately just about when Nanny was about opening the door to take her leave I speed up and held unto her legs pleading, Nanny please have mercy let's leave with you, the twins has no mother they only know you, I have no parents you my parents, Nanny pulled me up, hugged me with tears in her eyes, I was crying too, the twins also joined, Nanny hugged us one after the other gave a tired smile and left I ran after her but was held back by the bodyguards, I screamed, plead to them to let me go, by the time I squeezed my way out Nanny was GONE!!! I shouted and ran to the gate it was locked with the house security code I felt like a prisoner, my head was heavy, my heart pierced and my body shook, the twins were with me, I mustered all my strength and shouted as loud as my voice could be.. I HATE YOU DADDY, I WISH YOU COULD JUST DISAPPEAR FOREVER... The twins too said theirs in their own way, I looked at them and a fresh tears flowed down my cheeks, they were crying too, I wiped my tears, adjust my clothes and carried the both of them and went inside my room, I picked the twins toys and some of my clothes, gave the cooks orders to always bring our foods to my room, determined not to talk to my dad neither will he see us till he travels. I cuddled the twins and they slept off, I couldn't sleep, I was just thinking laid on my bed admit my thinks I also drifted off into sleep....... Then around 4pm, I woke up the twins were already awake, I kissed them both and they smiled actually that was the last smile I got from them, Carieh asked "Marny where's Nana Martha? I knew she knows she has left but she wanted to confirm from me, then I explained every thing to them they looked at me and started laughing I joined in the laugh too but I was amused, then they said together Mary, can we go play downstairs, I didn't want to hurt them so I said, yea let's go babies... We got downstairs asked for ice cream in three cups, we were about entering the pool when your Godfather stepped downstairs with one fair lady, I looked at him, looked at the girl or should I call her a woman, Dad looked at us, ignoring me he called upon the twins, tickled them, they laughed then he said this is your new mum, The twins looked at me, I tore my Gaze away, they smiled and left, Dad waved at me then he said from afar, we going out you girls wanna join. I hissed I knew he heard, he smiled stylishly and left, then the kids ran back to me, but they ran very hard, I felt heartbroken. They jumped into the pool together it was a funny sight which turned into a sorrowful sight for me, they drowned immediately, I thought they were only playing but then I saw Carieh flowing on the water I swimmed fast to her carried her out the dive into water to look for Mariah, found her pulled her out the water, called for help the servants all came out they tried rescuing them but they were already dead. I couldn't believe it I carried the both of them in my arms, felt their breath and confirmed it, I stood up took two steps back and ran towards the gate I opened the gate and ran away to Nanny Martha place I found her sitting inside on her little bed I jumped at her and cried till I Could no longer cry she already knew what happened, I held unto her when I remembered the two corpse again.... After some minute around 7, I and Nanny went back home, only to be told they have been buried and dark yet, but he said he can't come home because his new wife wont allow him, I smiled. Went upstairs took my clothes, the twins most precious gift my cards with the bag of money your Godfather left behind, locked my room and the twins room and left with Nanny. I took my fate as it was written, forgot about the twins and every other pain I went through in that house. When we got to Nanny place I said Nanny we going to relocate don't want dad to find me, don't want to see him again, she just nodded and t he next day we moved. I lived with Nanny for four years, then Nanny relative came to take her a to the states I was asked come but I declined, she left admit tears and I took over the house, then I was already in university 200level then I met your dad *************someone knocked and it was dad came in junior ran to meet him so do I my mum was just sitted************ Will mum story eventually change my love for Diamond... Let's see how it goes in Episodes III

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