Life of a politician.

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am surrounded with politician doesn't mean our generations will continue like that, i told mummy. mummy you need to understand the fact the i love this guy, mummy please give us your blessings, i pleaded.

Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



My whole life was dedicated to politicians, but it's not in my lifetime, my daughter is going to dedicate her life too , No, I reject it, Momma said Momma that the name I call my mother, she was angry and from the way she stood I knew she doesn't want to listen anymore. I looked at her with the corner of my eyes not daring to look at her straight in the eyes, then I looked down staring at nothing, thinking of nothing too. Then the courage sprang up from nowhere I responded... Momma you won't dictate my life for me, you won't sketch my life out for me, I own it let me live it the way I want, you know how much I love him, he is my world, I exist because of him, Mum please give us your blessings i...I couldn't land because something bigger stopped me from doing so, Mum slapped me, I felt like have been struck by lightning, the slap was heavy and it made me deaf for some minute I couldn't believe it I looked from my mum to the flower vase on the table, the pink and beautiful flowers looked dead to me, the slap made me blind for some minute I looked at mum for the last time, mustered all my strength and ran through the steps making the heaviest noise ever, I ran into my room and looked the door. Then I felt that salty taste Tears, I was crying, I thought big girls don't cry then why am I crying I asked myself, but I seems isolated from my body and soul I could not hear them any longer they seems far away. I slumped on my big pink family bed staring at nothing. My family of four, made up of Daddy, Momma, Junior and I the last born and Daddy beloved, Dad is a politician and mom a civil servant, we all love each other and live in our beautiful white house A mansion, we have five servants.. The cooks, two drivers one for us and one for Dad , the laundry Woman, the house keep,they all live with us and I love them all because whenever Dad and Momma is out, I and my brother do all sort of things like playing songs that Mum forbids and mostly learning how to drive in the big compound,which Dad must not know about.. Daddy was never at home, he hardly stays back even during weekends, he hardly has time for us, we grew to live without him, as for me I Love it when dad is always out, but there are some times when I miss him and wish he is always around with us. Dad is an orphan and Momma got only her Dad alone who has been a politician from his early life, he loved politics and n told us different stories about politicians and how Momma stayed away from him for good Five years because he won't stop been a politician.... THAT'S WHERE THE PROBLEM STARTED FROM, WATCH OUT FOR LIFE OF A PLOTICIAN II Please drop your comments on my mistakes, typographical errors and let's make a change... Thank you!

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