Waiting for my love

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A very touching stories you will enjoy.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011






A girl walked into the international airport living her family behind to start a different life with a man. She doesn’t know how her life is going to be like. But with full believe in god, she left. After long hours in the plane, she got off with the other passengers. She was in a whole different world.  She was a little nervous, but she went on reading direction on the board and got on domestic plane. She was wondering how her man looks like after so many years of apart. She only remembers the face she saw last time. Her heart was pounding when she think of him.  After two hours, plane landed and she got off again. This time, she was feeling a little better after going through international airport. While reading direction, she was going up on an electric stairs. Then she got little confused. So she asked an employee from where she can pick up her luggage.  While talking, from far, she saw a man coming with a bag on his left shoulder. He was looking around for someone. She looked at him again and realized who he was. So she thanked the employee and walked toward him. Her heart was aching seeing him after long time. Yet she was still angry with him for leaving her at the moment she needed him the most. They get so closed, but they both don’t know what to do. So they left in silence. First they went to immigration office. He went to talk to the officer. She walked behind him and sat on the chair. Then her mind started to clear from the chaos of the journey. She thinks and thinks.  When she realized that she has left everything behind, her heart over flow with sadness. Her eyes filled with tears. But she couldn’t cry in the office. So she tried hard to hold back the tears, but she couldn’t. When she saw him coming, she was helpless. He sat on the chair next to her. He told her that officer is going to come back and talk again. That’s when he realized that she was crying. His heart filled with pain. He couldn’t say anything. Her tears kept coming out. So he promised that he will keep her happy and fulfill all her wishes. When she looked into his eyes, his eye was filled with sadness of seeing her cry, but she could see joy behind that sadness, the joy of seeing her. His eye was filled with lots of promises to her. After some time, they left the office and got on bus.  She was looking outside the bus window. Slowly he put his hand on her hand. She looked up at him. At that very moment, the bus engine started and departed from the airport. All the way to their home, they were silent. What could fill up their long lost love? Silent? Their love for each other started to bloom again, just like a flower blooms in the spring.

By Tenchoe

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