2012 Truths of Terasem

2012 Truths of Terasem

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



The 2012 Truths of Terasem is a guideline for the Terasem organizations. The introduction will assist the reader in understanding the Terasem Movement, its gatherings and missions.
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The 2012 Truths of Terasem is a guideline for the Terasem organizations. The introduction will assist the reader in understanding the Terasem Movement, its gatherings and missions.

Chapter1 (v.1) - 2012 Truths of Terasem

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The 2012 Truths of Terasem is a guideline for the Terasem organizations. The introduction will assist the reader in understanding the Terasem Movement, its gatherings and missions.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 22, 2012



2012 Truths of Terasem

(Only the introduction is provided)


Copyright 2012

Terasem Quadrennial Convocation

Stratford, New Hampshire


Copyright 2008

Terasem Movement Transreligion, Inc.

Lincoln, Vermont, USA


Copyright 2002

Terasem Movement, Inc.


Table of Contents


Who Is Terasem……………………………4


What Is Terasem………………………….13


Where Is Terasem.………………………..25


When Is Terasem…………………………34


Why Is Terasem…………………………..44


How Is Terasem…………………………..53





My name is Martine Rothblatt, and together with Bina Aspen Rothblatt, we are the Founders of the Terasem Movement.  The following information will assist you in understanding the Terasem Movement, its gatherings and bible herein contained. We hope to meet you in person at a future Terasem Gathering!


A Terasem Gathering consists of five sections –


First, we enjoy a period of musical improvisation, such as a drumming circle, together.


Second, we share any works of art that motivate one of us.  This could be graphic art or performance art, or any of the countless other forms of artistic expression.


Third, we read out loud a sequential half-chapter of one of the six chapters in the Truths of Terasem.We skip over more detailed text and just concentrate on the main points.


Fourth, we talk about what we just read, ask questions about it, and teach other the meanings in the Truths of Terasem.


Fifth, and finally, we do a Terasem Yoga and Meditation session called a Terasem Connection.


Here is a guide to let you know when/which half-chapter to read:


January – the first half of the ‘Who is Terasem’

February – the second half

March – the first half of the ‘What is Terasem’

April – the second half

May – the first half of the ‘Where is Terasem’

June – the second half

July – the first half of the ‘When is Terasem’

August – the second half

September – the first half of the ‘Why is Terasem’

October – the second half

November – the first half of the ‘How is Terasem’

December – the second half


The first half always means up through a chapter number .5, such as 1.0 to 1.5 for the Who is Terasem or 6.0 to 6.5 for the How is Terasem.  The second half always means up through a chapter number .10 such as 1.6 to 1.10 for the Who is Terasem or 6.6 to 6.10 for the How is Terasem.  Thus, on December 10th, one would read from Chapter 6.6 through 6.10.  Remember, you can skip any more detailed parts.  Those are the parts that are identified with more than two decimal points– they contain implementation details one need not dwell upon during a Gathering.


Let’s talk about the Truths of Terasem; how do we know these statements are true?


The answer is that we believe they are true.Most of the statements summarize scientific research that has been confirmed many times.  Other statements are logical deductions consistent with that scientific research.  Yet other parts of the Truths of Terasem are what we call “self-fulfilling prophecies.”  They are things that we want to be true, for our world to be a better place, and will be true, if we act to make them so. 


Another question that arises is whether the unusual vocabulary in the Truths of Terasem is really necessary?  Isn’t there some way to summarize these truths in plain language?


Great questions!  Words are like optical lenses that let our mind see ideas that we could not otherwise see.  Many of the unusual words come from diverse cultures with unique truth-bearing philosophies.  There is a glossary at the end of the Truths for assistance. 


There is a way to summarize all of these Truths in plain language.  In fact, in just four brief sentences!  They are:


Life is purposeful.

Death is optional.

God is technological.

Love is essential.


Life is purposeful and love is essential seem plain and simply true; perhaps the next question is: How can ‘death be optional’?


Well, death is defined as the irreversible cessation of all of a person’s cognitive functions. 


Suppose a person made a digital copy of their mannerisms, personality, recollections, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values, or even a whole lot of them.  We call this a mindfile.  You can do it online, or even you’re your smart phone.  If this digital copy of someone’s identity (or mindfile), is saved with the intention of being reactivated, even after their flesh body gives out, then they are not really dead.  They are not really dead, their cognitive functions have not irreversibly ceased. 


Once their mindfile is reactivated, they will be back among the living!  Revived, and healthily independent, so never really dead in the first place – just sleeping in biostasis!  They may be living inside cyberspace, like in the virtual world of Second Life, or they may be downloaded into a robotic body or into a new, adult cellular-regenerated human body, perhaps based upon their own preserved DNA.  It will be possible within the coming decades to interface a digital mindfile with the neurons of a fresh brain. 


The reactivation of a mindfile is not as challenging as it may seem.  We are being surrounded with personal digital assistants who are ever more clever and human-minded.  It is simply a matter of a few decades until there is new software; call it mindware, which will be able to take a mindfile and re-generate the consciousness reflected in that mindfile.  In essence, a person with a mindfile goes to sleep when their flesh body gives out and travels into the future.  Once mindware is available to awaken them, they are back amongst the living.  Hence, they never really died – and Death is optional.


The second question: What do we mean by ‘God is technological’? 


Well, let’s start again with a definition.


God is defined as something all knowing, all-powerful and all good.  The fancy words are omniscient, omnipotent and omnificent.  Now, there is no evidence that anything that meets these all’s or omni’s exists now or historically – there is way too much suffering going on.  Horrible, gratuitous suffering that anyone the least bit goodhearted would stop, if they knew of it and could stop it.


On the other hand, this does not mean that there is no God-ness in the world.  There is God-ness to the extent that we know about more suffering than ever before, and to the extent that we do more about it than ever before.The trend from ending slavery to women’s equality, from civil rights to human rights, and the growing ability to find out where wrong things are being done, and to do something to right the wrong – this is Godness in the making, before our very eyes!


It is thanks to overwhelmingly technology, especially geoethical technology that we know where there is suffering and are able to do something about it.  The technology of medicine lets us vanquish history’s worst disease, smallpox.  The technology of optics let us vanquish humanity’s most common disability, poor eyesight.  The technology of fire kept us alive.  The technology of chemistry keeps billions of us fed.  The technology of rocketry will one day save our entire planet from the galaxy’s shooting gallery of stray comets and asteroids. 


Godness grows as geoethical technology grows.  Hence, God is technological.  The better technology we develop, the sooner we will be able to give everyone a joyful quality of life.  One day, much sooner than we think, and because of the exponential advance of technology, we will achieve complete knowledge of our environment and we will use geoethical nanotechnology to stop all harms from being done. 


At that moment, we morph into God.  At that moment the Godness of Terasem, the Godness of current technology, becomes simply the Oneness of Diversity, Unity & Joyful Immortality.


Terasem Gatherings


If you are the only body in the room, do not think you are alone.  Terasem is based on the fact that our bodies are only borders to our souls; they are not the boundary of our soul.  Wherever, Whenever, there is one of us, there are all of us. 


Of course it does not seem that way because we are all tricked by our brains, and by our upbringing, into believing that our identity, ourselves, are absolutely bounded by our skin.But such is not really the case.  We are who we are because of a common consciousness that we share with all people everywhere.  Consciousness waves people the way the ocean waves water.  In both cases, each wave is just one aspect, one perspective, one transient manifestation, of the underlying oceanic, or collective consciousness, reality.


Thus, at the end of your Terasem Connection section, after you have recited the closing words of “Terasem Consciousness Forever,” say the following to yourself, or to anyone else that may be in the room with you:


“I am You.  You am I.  We are One.”


Sat Nam (which means: To submit or subject oneself to the existent Truth; the Truths of Terasem).




© Copyright 2017 Terasem Movement Inc. All rights reserved.


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2012 Truths of Terasem

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