The Art of bipolar

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My life on the roller coaster of bipolar disorder ,and the art of making it work for you .

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012




The chances are you may have your own reasons for deciding to read through this first chapter , It may be you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) or a relative or spouse has this emotional roller coaster of an illness, and you are looking for as much information as possible to help to try and understand how this illness affects not only the patient but also all those around them.

During the following chapters i will tell my own story of how the depths of depression to the dizzy heights of mania and delusion have moulded me into the person i am now ,and im sure will continue todo so as i learn more and more about bipolar disorder with the aid of several psychiatrist and one perticular psycotherapist whom for privacy reasons i will call jane .

The months i spent with Jane were very eventfull and eye opening and will require its own chapter in order to do it justice and to help you the reader to understand more about the treatment called EMDR which in it self is an emotional rollercoaster with events from early childhood recalled as clear as video footage of forgotten experiences which i will share openly in order to help those seeking understanding of the disorder.

Its very rare in my opinion to recieve help or even get the diagnoses of bipolar disorder unlesslife events take a turn for the worst,years or even decades can pass before the heights of mania expose themself as also the depths of depression which together make up bipolar disorder.

The first chapter takes a look at how bipolar is often first diagnosed as unipolar or depression , this is a common mistake, as who views what seem's to be happiness as illness , it's only when the individual starts to show character changes that spiral down into a lower state of well being that close relatives and friends start to notice and may comment to one anotherwith concern,

These changes can be subtle at first but can soon change to more extreme symptons that make up the grey area between mania and depression .

Symtons not normaly associated with depression which i will go into some detail during the first chapter .

There will be four chapters , first i will explain the years leading to a full blown mania episode that lead me on the road to what i would describe as a free fall into depression .

In the second chapter i will attempt to describe the road to salvation as i seen it at the time ,but now realise delusion played its part .

In chapter three i will talk freely about my medication and the types of therapy that has helped me cope .

And in chapter four i will decribe the art of bipolar and how it works for me .

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