Friday the 13th

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Three explosions were heard on Friday the 13th, August 2010.

Submitted: August 14, 2010

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Submitted: August 14, 2010



My heart stopped for a few seconds and then started to beat at it's fastest rate. The blood was running rapidly through my veins. My whole body was feeling itchy and a strange wave ran from my head to my toe. My head was heavy as rocks, my lips were opened apart. I was paralysed, shocked and confused. I couldn't understand what just happened. I couldn't move an inch, I couldn't speak. I just stared at the door. I could hear my mum shouting from downstairs, not knowing what happened as well, she panicked and started to yell and call my name. Not hearing my reply her calling became more nervous. I suddenly came back to my senses. I woke up from the bed feeling all wobbly and dizzy. I made my way near the window to hear the noises from outside more clearly. I was so confused...what were those noises? What was happening? My whole body felt heavy and I was nearly going to drop as I listened to the noises carefully.. What could they possibly be? Fireworks? No, it can't be...there were no upcoming events in my town... an earthquake?...bombs? We're at war? But how come..It can't be...It's explosion..” The noises suddenly stopped and there was silence all at once. I stared at the door once more. Flashes came back to my mind of what just happened...the door slamming, a strange wind which filled up my room with horror and tension, loud noises. No doubt it was the scariest moment in my life...I couldn't imagine what it would have felt like for those people who knew that their relatives or friends were in danger at that time they heard the explosion. Yesterday's event shook the whole island and shocked many people and it surely left a mark on everyone. My condolences go for the relatives of the man whom lost his life in yesterday's event. Today's paper made it official; 'The dead body of Mario Dimech was found in the debris of the 13th August fireworks factory today' - Times of Malta.


Friends and family broke down as they waited for news of the missing man. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli


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