Terfa Moses: The Man With The Golden Heart

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Never before has one man done so well in holding a Family and the entire Universe like Sir Sp Terfa Moses Yisa is doing. The degree of meekness and kindness couched with openess and naturalness
looms too large to delay acknowledgement. May God continue to guide and protect you, Amen.

Submitted: January 04, 2018

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Submitted: January 04, 2018



The Man With The Golden ???? Heart

Believe me when I say not only are there Angels in this world but there is A God. A God in human flesh, not in terms of Power - omnipresent and omnipotent but in terms of genuine kindness and generosity.

In a dying world where the hearts of many are cold and cruel, there are rare and few who still care in ways untold. And Sir SP Terfa Moses is one of them. You merit all the deserved courtesies in the eyes of God and Man. True. You Do. Yes! You!!

Though “Kindness” is a very subjective term and it is difficult to assess correctly. It could be general philanthropic work or helping someone in need or preventing a war etc. The spectrum of kindness is pretty big. Big! Very Big. Yes!

Undoubtedly, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela etc. were all very kind and certainly deserve to be among the kindest persons. Even Bill and Melinda Gates promote a lot of charitable things with the huge amount of resources they have got. But, I will go way out of my way to invite the comparison that, “James who is the World's Greatest Donal is your kind. You Have A Seat On The Table of Men With The Golden ???? Heart.

May God Grant you good health and the strength to Live Long Enough To Accomplish All Those Things That He has raised you for.

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