Invasion of The Pony Tails Strippers: Part Three: Leaving the Friendly Skies

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Bruce, his characters, and my characters are all stuck on the Goodman Blimp (which not only flies, but prevents copyright lawsuits). They all want down, but can't deflate the dirigible.

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013



Leaving The Friendly Skies



GRETCHEN: This looks like a job for the Pony Tails girls... Ladies, start rubbing the inside walls of the blimp.

BIANCA: What?!

GRETCHEN: The sooner we bring down inflation, the sooner we bring us down.

LI'L BIT: You sound like a freakin' politician, Gretch, but I get ya.

SHADOWCAT: I don' want no part o' this, baby. This all 'bout as logical as that party Alice threw last week.

FREAKY FRIEDA: I thought it was a good party.

SHADOWCAT: Th' party was okay, but she th' only person I know who celebrate the anniversary of Montana's statehood. Least, the only one in th' state o' California.

GRETCHEN: Granted, not everyone does, but what's wrong with that?

SHADOWCAT: I looked it up. Montana became a state in November, not December. Someone need t' check chika's calendar.

ALICE: I always celebrate it a month later. You save a fortune on the decorations and you avoid the Montana Day mad rush.

ROSE: Are you guys going to stand around all day, swapping non sequiturs, or are you going to get us down?

SHADOWCAT: Keep ya quartz on, Rosie.

ROSE: Listen, bitch...

QUEEN VICTORIA: We are not amused.

BIANCA: No offence, Your Majesty, but even I'm getting tired of that one.

Q. V. (sadly): It's all anyone ever remembers me saying.

ROSE: Then be quiet!

Q.V.: I will be good.

SHADOWCAT: Dayum, Rose! You a hardass, baby.

ROSE: Hello? I'm quartz?

LI'L BIT: Let it go, S.C. What can you really do to her? Rock, Paper, Scissors?

SHADOWCAT: Whatevah. You sure this gonna get us down, Gretch?

GRETCHEN: It's simple dream logic.

BRUCEK: No it's not. Look, nothing in dreams is easy. That's why I don't have them.

GRETCHEN (shocked): Bruce! You don't have dreams?


SHADOWCAT: Bruce-baby, tha' all kinda weird. Everybody dream.

BRUCEK: I don't. Sorry, S.C. I just don't. Aside from the hallucinations, I'm fine. (Swats arm) Damn bugs!

SHADOWCAT: Now I know you one a' Alice's voices. Sheesh!

GRETCHEN: Back on track, guys. Start rubbing.

*The strippers start rubbing the walls of the blimp, all except for Freaky Frieda, who sticks her head out the entrance and looks up.*

FRIEDA: It's working guys. The blimp's getting bigger!

MARY JANE: And bigger... And bigger...

*Suddenly the blimp lets out a moan and all of the gas escapes. The blimp starts falling*

BRUCEK: Oh, shoot!

GRETCHEN: I don't want to die yet! I never got a chance to toilet-paper Miley Cyrus' house... This week, I mean.

FRIEDA: We've got to get higher!

LI'L BIT: No problem.

*Li'l Bit grabs Mary Jane and a lighter from her pocket.*

MARY JANE: Bruce! Help!

*BruceK grabs MJ from Bit's lips*

BRUCEK: That's enough of that! Teri can set fire to one of her own characters. Tell her to leave mine alone.

ROSE: I've got it! Alright, everybody, take off your –




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