Project Overkill: Retun Of The Dragon Bloods Part 1

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In this part the protagonist is having a dream that she can't quite explain when she is awakened to find that her village is under attack. Things quickly go south as she and her brother fail to escape. (Currently unedited. Expect minor grammar errors as this is a rough draft of a work in progress)

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



???: How could you just lose your mind?! You've been gone for too long They're running out of time They need the Doctor... You are the Doctor... They need you Doctor...Doctor... Please come back To life...

**That was what he heard. The voice of a shadow, for he could no longer see because of the darkness that that filled his heart. This voice stirred something inside of him though. It was a woman's voice, but it had the strength of a fearsome warrior. There was so much emotion in this voice. Her plea was some how like a call to arms. Minato, however, could not move. He remaind sealed inside of his own mind, a prisoner of his own doubt. But this voice...sounded as though it was reaching out to him. He felt like he was falling headfirst through a never ending darkness, but that voice...something about what it was saying...** Minato: (Who...who are you?)

???: Minato!! I'ts ???, your ??? remember! Minato: (I can't hear you..)

???: Wake up!! They need you...I need you Minato: (I am awake...I just..)

???: Minato!!! **An urgent out of place male voice interrupts them** 

???: Azumi, wake up! **Azumi almost jumps out of bed as she is forceably awaken by her brother shaking her.* *

Azumi: Sai...wha..what is-

Sai: No time! We have to run now!

Azumi: Wait Sai! What's gotten into you?

**Sai had already begun pulling her out bed and onto her feet as he explained what was going on.**

Sai: \"The Fallen\" have found us!

Azumi: What?!!

**The Fallen is a race of \"Wingless Angels\" Only two of the many races of Angels are wingless. \"The Fallen\" and \"The Relics\"  The Wingless Angels are the purest and strongest of the Angels. It said that all of the \"Winged Angels\" evolved from thoes two clans. The Relics , the original race of Angels, are a peaceful but are know for they're captivating way of fighting. It is as if time slows down and every move they make is made like a graceful dance step. Relics are also the only race of Angels that can sing \"The Song of The Ancients\" A miracle song uniqe to each Relic thats has the power to end a war by killing all of the adversaries on a battlefield while sparing and reviving any allies recently killed. That power comes at a dangerous cost for the Relic using it and often ends in they're death if certain conditions aren't met. That power has made them the prime targets of the Fallen, The only clan that is feared by all other Angels. They're favorite game is to hunt down the other clans. They will wipe every clan's village off the map, killing all men, women, and children. The Fallen Angels are known for they're speed and agility. The are the strongest of the Angel clans and are masters of creating illusions. Thoes illusions vary from using they're speed to create afterimages and clones to sealing a person inside of they're own mind and making them fight in a never ending battle.**

Sai: Mother and Miku are waiting for to us at the secret entrance to \"Flandorin's Trail\" Azumi: (Flandorin's Trail...thats right...Sai, Miku, and I used to play there when we were kids)

Sai: Azumi! Quit daydreaming. We have to-

**Before Sai could finish the room exploded, sending Sai and Azumi flying through the air. Azumi landed hard on the ground bouncing into a tree. Pain erupted from her left shoulder and shot down to her to her wrist. A brief yell escaped from her mouth before she instinctively bit down on her bottom lip to muffle the cry. Tears began to stream down her face as she sat up and propped herself up against the tree that she hit. She looked herself over . Her blood red hair hung down to her shoulders, but had become tangled and wild looking because of the fall. Her eye's, a beautiful shade of yellow, seemed to shine from her tears. She wore only a plain white sleeveless night shirt and  plain white night pants. Her pants were ripped on left side above her knee, which was burning tremendously, and she could feel the sting and see the blood in that area.** Azumi: (I must of scrapped up my knee pretty bad...)

**Azumi started to notice the strange feeling in her shoulder and automatically grabbed her her left arm.** Azumi: (Damn...I think my shoulder is dislocated)

**Azumi tried to move her injured leg but the pain made her body jerk. That made her squeeze her eyes shut, turn he head away to the right, and bite her lip again to muffle another cry. Her left ankle was throbbiing with pain now**

Azumi: (No leg is shot. I'm not going anywhere) **Azumi looked around and saw that Sai, her little brother, lay motionless a not too far from her. She noticed he still wore his brown leather armor over his favorite white collar shirt. He also wore the brown leather leggings he got from Miku, they're older sister. His short black hair covered his face and Azumi started thinking about how she was the only member of her family with red hair and yellow eyes. She had her mother's face and but no features of her father, who died a year ago. Azumi was just about to call out to her brother, when she noticed something that made her stomach churn. There was blood on a tree root near Sai and also a small pool of blood coming from his head. Sai apparently hit his head on that root when he fell and rolled over to the spot he now lay. Sai..was dead...**

Azumi: (Sa..Sai??)...Sai!!

**Azumi tried to get up but was instantly reminded of her own condition as she fell face down a couple of feet from Sai** Azumi: Sai...

**Azumi was crying now. She tried to control herself but the pain of losing her brother was to great. She began to sob uncontrollably, say Sai's name over and over. She stopped only when she heard nearby twigs snap. She did't stop because of her training in how to fight or escape The Fallenwhen alone. She didn't stop because of her fear or the fallen. Azumi stopped crying because she was overcome with hatred. She wanted to make The Fallen pay for what the had done. She could hear the foot fall coming from behind her but she couldn't move anymore. One of The Fallen walked over to Sai and took a knee to check him**

Scout 1: Looks like this one is dead over here.

**Azumi balled her hands up in the grass and begin crying again. The secound scout saw her move. She wouldn't look at either of the scouts. She just stared at her brother.**

Scout 2: Hey Gato, your attack failed.

Gato: What the hell are you talking about Rin?! I destroyed that house! No one could have survived that.

Rin: *scoffs* No one? You have no idea how weak you are do you?

Gato: Whats that?!! You looking for a Fight?!!

Rin: You really are a fool, aren't you. Gato: I dare you to say that again!!!

Rin: *sighs* Gato...look in front of you. What do you see?

Gato: A dead chick and an asshole!

Rin: It is in your best interest to refrain from using offensive language in my presence. She may not be moving, but the girl is very much alive.

Gato: Bullshit!! Rin: What did i just say about your language, Gato.

Azumi: *growls* I'm gonna kill you... Gato: I don't believe it...That bitch really is still alive.

**Rin disappears and reappears choking Gato and holding him in the air**

Gato: *choking sounds* Sor-sorry. I got carried away. Ple-please let me go.

Rin: Consider this your final warning...Next time...I'll use \"that\" on you

Gato: Got-got it

Azumi: I'm gonna kill you

**Rin puts Gato down, who drops to his knees gaspin for breath, and looks down at Azumi** Azumi: I'm gonna kill both you for what you've you done!!!

 **Every thing suddenly got quiet as Azumi, Rin, and Gato stared at each other. No one was moving. There was only the sound of a breeze blowing through the grass and the trees. All of a sudden, everything became strangely calm and quiet.**

Rin: (Something isn't right...)

**The whistle of a bird and the flapping of wings appeared off in the distance behind Rin as he closed his eyes** Rin: (Is that what I think it is?)

**Gato stands up and brushes himself off** Gato: Well little lady...Looks like this is the end of the road.

Azumi: Yes it is...but not for me

**Rin starts to realize that the whistling he is hearing is too steady to be a real bird, and that the flapping sounded similar to paper being pulled very fast through heay winds. As the sounds get closer, Rin turns around to face whatever was coming.**

Rin: Shit!!

**A dagger came flying at Rin with tremendous force and speed. He almost didn't notice it. At the last possible second second Rin saw the dagger and was able to push Gato down and dash to the left out of the way. As the dagger lodged itself into a tree behind them Rin could see that two strings were attached to the dagger.He wouldn't hve noticed them if the moon hadn't been shining so bright that night. The whistling had stopped once the dagger became stuck in the tree but the flapping was getting closer and louder.** Rin: (This can't be!!)

**Just then two giant shuriken, tied to the other end of the string, came bursting through the trees.**

Rin: This is the Phoneix Hug Shuriken! (But thats one of \"her\" techniques) Gato: The Phoneix what?

Rin: Gato, if you value your life get as close to the girl as possible!!

**The two shuriken flew past, coming no where near them.** Gato: What a useless attack *Laughs*

**Rin disappears and reappears right in front of Gato and pushes him in the direction of Azumi** (Damn...Not enough time...)

**The dagger and the two shuriken formed a \"V\" shape, but now that the dagger had lodged itself in a tree, the shuriken started spreading out from each other. Once the two shuriken formed a line segment, with the tree being the center point...**

???: Shuppo!

**Bluish energy formed aroud the shurken revealing all of the paper bombs, the source of the flapping, attached to them. Both shuriken looped around the tree like two tetherballs.**

???: Release! **Both shuriken snapped free from their strings and headed traight for Rin.**

Rin: (I used up too much energy...I don't have enough for another teleportation...But if I could just...)

???: Ban!

**The shurikens, now on both sides of Rin had stopped flying and spinning. They remained suspended in air as if time had stopped, trapping them. The image of a giant transparent phoneix appeard. It's wings, the two shuriken, appeard to be hugging him.**

Rin: Nooooooooooo!!

???: Bak!

**A huge explosion forced Gato to put his arm up to sheild himself from the shock wave and the winds. Azumi could only bury her face in the grass to protect herself. Rin was blown away, crashing through several trees. He landed deeper into the forest, unconscious.**

Gato: *Stands up while groaning* Who's there?! Show yourself, or I'll kill the girl!

???: That \"girl\", my little sister, has a name.

**The voice came from behind them. Gato turned around and saw that another girl was was standing on a tree branch with her arms folded, glaring at him.**

Azumi: (Miku??)

???(2): And if you so much as breath in her direction, I will filay you alive...with my mind.

**This second woman stepped out from behind the tree that Miku was standing on.**

Azumi: (Mother is here too...but they are supposed to be waiting for Sai and me to come to Flandorin's Trail. Why are they here??)

 Gato: Two against one huh??

**Miku and her mother said nothing. They just glared at Gato.** Gato: I think I kinda like these odds *smiles*

**Gato takes a fighting pose. Miku and her mothther continue to just stand there...almost as if they were telepathically coming up with a stragety to take Gato out.**

**Gato: (I can't afford any mistakes here...The one standing in the tree took Rin out single handedly. She will be troublesome. I haven't seen the other one's anilities yet and there could be more of them lying in wait...What should I do??)

**Gato shakes his head very quickly** Gato: (Get a grip man...your' starting to sound like Rin) Hey...we gonna do this or what?!

Miku: Azumi, can you move?

Azumi: No, my ankle is busted

Azumi's Mother: What about your broth...

**It was at that moment that Azumi's mother saw Sai's lifeless body. A sagging feeling filled her stomach as she swallowed her emotions bak inside her. Miku had also seen her brother's body. Her eyes were tightly closed, as were her fist. Although she appeared to be calm, there was an air of rage radiating from her**

Gato: (Looks like the one in the tree is gonna make a move...I'll let her charge at me and then I'll hit her with my Atomic Updraft technique.)

**Miku disappears and reappears behind Gato. She was so close to him that the warmth of her presence paralyzed him with fear.**

Miku: *In a low and overly calm voice* Did you do this?

**Gato just stood there staring straight ahead. His fear and confusion showed all over his face. Somehow he knew that if he so much as blinked, he would die. Gato's body became stiff and tense as he tried to guess what horrible way Miku could kill him**

Miku: I'm only gonna ask you one more time.

**Sweat starts to form on Gato's face as he struggles to fight the urge to run away frommurderous intent breathing down his neck and back.**

Miku: Did you litle brother?

**Gato was shaking now shaking now. It took all he had to hide the fear in his voice.**

Gato: And what if I say I did...what happens then? Miku: Do you really wanna know?

**Gato's heart started beating so fast that his chest felt uncomfortable. Miku leaned so close to Gato's ear that hecould just barely feel her face on his. Miku whispered something to him that no one else could hear. Gato's mouth dropped open as horror the likes of which he had never felt before coarsed through his body. His internal organs felt as though they were inflating. His throat tightened, and Gato could feel himself choking of of his own saliva. His blood began to itch. Gato wanted to scratch his skin and muscles off so bad that he was beginning to grow mad. Gato couldn't do that however, because he no longer had control over his body. The tears that formed around his eyes were boiling hot. Gato's skn began to burn as tiny cuts appeared all over his body. The cuts stung as if salt was raining down on him. Gato could only think about the words Miku whispered to him.**


Miku: You are alredy trapped in my illusion...*


Gato: (How could she...The illusion technique can  only be performed by The Fallen...How can she be a Relic but still be able to do Fallen techniques???)

**Miku had performed The Fallen's Ultimate Illusion technique. She had sealed Gato's conscious inside of his mind and hiacked his brain. Miku was kiling Gato by using his own imagination to trick his mind into thinking what she was showing him, was really happening.** Gato: (This is the same technique Rin threaten to use when he said he was gonna use \"that\"on me...)

**The pain was too much. Gato's legs had already given out, but Miku was forcing him to stand. He screamed out at the top of his lungs**


**It was no use. Miku had disabled his throat. Gato could no longer talk. Just as he thought he was ust about to die, he was snapped back into reality. Miku was still standing on the same tree limb as before. She hadn't moved an inch. Gato dropped to his hands and knees gasping for air and soaked with sweat.**

Miku: Are you sure?

Miku's Mother: Yes my child, that is enough. I will be the one to deal with them.

Gato: *still gasping* (Them???)

 ???: Gato you should escape...I'm taking over this fight

Gato: (That voice!?? It's...)

**Gato turns around to see Rin standing not to far from him**

Gato: Rin?? But I thought you were...

Rin: It'll take more than that to kill me.

Gato: But how did you...

Rin: It's simple. I knew I didn't have enough energy to teleport away from the blast, so I waited till just before The Phoneix Shuriken exploded to use my life force semi teleport. In other words, I jumped into another deminsion just long enough for the bulk of the blast to pass through me.

Azumi's mother: He's well trained


Gato: That was some quick thinking man

Rin: (Yeah, but after using so much of my life energy, the rest of my abilities have weakened. I might not even be able to use most of my advanced techniques...Fighting the both of them is gonna take some serious effort.

Miku: (I should have know he'd find a way to survive that...) Mother, if he is fighting, then I must fight along side you. I know personally what he can do.

Rin: I the Legendary Clara Higane is your mother...That explains why Miku can use Fallen techniques...Her father was...

Clara: So... you know who I am. That means only one thing. You have completed the Three Trails of Dante...which means you are no mere scout. 

Gato: (What??)

Rin: I don't know what you are talking about.

Clara: Drop the act. I can tell just by looking at you, that you are in the final stages of the transformation

Miku: Mother...what are you talking about? What are the Three Trails of Dante?

Clara: The Three Trails of Dante is a feild exam...A feild exam to become an ELITE

Azumi: so the rumors are true...I thought they were just chosen.

Clara: That is only half of it my child. The clan's Elders choose only the most promising people to become Elite Candidates. There are usually ten to twelve chosen at a time. These candidates are given special missions to see if they have what it takes to fulfill the duties of an ELITE. The Clan Leader willreview the report of they're mission closely and choose only four or five to become an ELITE.

Miku: (So thats how it works...)

Clara: Isn't that right...Rin

Rin: How do you know my name?

Clara: were assigned to be an undercover scout because your Elders wanted to test some one.The boy over there...Gato.

Rin: (How can she know all this??? Thats Black Ops Info!!)

Clara: You were to observe him during this attack and submit a report to your Clan Leader on his potential of becoming an ELITE. Rin: (She has detailed knowledge of my mission...who is she really???)

**Gato is finally able to get up at this point, even though his legs feel like jello. His health starts to decline immediately. Gato can't believe the after effects of Miku's Illusion were this severe. He starts to feel like he's just finished running the longest marathon of his life. Gato finds a near by tree to lean on and slumps to the ground, too tired to even keep his eyes open**

Gato *sighs* I think your mistaken lady...The Counsel would never make me a candidate for becoming an ELITE. *laughs while trying to catch his breath*

Clara: Young one...Your Counsel doesn't govern you.

**Rin pulls out a hand gun and takes aim at Clara's head**

Rin: Stop right there!!! I don't want to, but if you are about to say what I think you are going to say...I'll have no choice but to kill everyone here.




**Rin and Clara just stare at each other. They both are stiff as statues and somehow they remain looking unnaturally calm. The atmosphere becomes charged and single gun shot echoes through the forest**


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