Rant: The Bad Joke

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My opnion of the Secret of NIMH sequel that came out in 1998. The perfect thing for haters!

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



I haven't watched Timmy to the Rescue (without commentary) since I made the mistake of buying it almost 2 years ago, but for some reason I can't get it out of my head. So, I decided to see if ranting about it would help to annoy it out.

Okay, let's start with some of the film's obvious flaws:

1. Bad animation

2. Crappy music

3. Shallow plot

4. Characters are either remade as idiots or are just total losers

5. Almost no connection to the original story AT ALL

6. The action was just pathetic

Now, I don't know what MGM was thinking when they made this, releasing it 16 years after the original film, but apparently they thought they could still cash in on the Secret of NIMH's success. They could have at least given the "sequel" the same mood, instead of turning it into some happy-go-lucky musical for three-year-olds. Having been three myself when it came out, I admit that I did like it the first few times I watched it online, but now I know that 'TttR' is little more than a bad joke crossed with over-used stereotypes and lame dialogue. I've read/written dozens of fanfiction sequels, and most of them would make better films. And the fact that only two characters had their original voices was a little disheartening, especially since they were such minor characters (though that couldn't be helped). And don't even get me started on the rest of the cast...but this is a rant, so I'll say it anyway:

1. Mrs. Brisby was given glasses, grey fur, and a hideous outfit. She looked more like an old grandmother going to a bingo hall.

2. The Shrew acted like she was either drunk, high, or some combination of the two, and to tell the truth, it just weirded me out. And she called Tim her nephew...

3. Cynthia was highly overweight, had a bad hairstyle, and the worst costume. I mean really, overalls? They could have least put a shirt on her, and slimmed her down a bit...

4. Teresa's appearance reminded me of a mother in a bad sitcom, but her immature attitude made me think of the spoiled rich girl in said sitcom. Bad combination.

5. Martin, though taller, hadn't changed much in appearance or attitude, though the creators at MGM apparently hadn't been informed of his eye color, or the fact that even he wouldn't have been stupid enough to fall into one of NIMH's mousetraps. And then Valentine turned him evil...and apparently British. That is just sad, though the start of his song did creep me out a little. (Spinning eye...*shudders*)

6. Jeremy was still the same, and that was nice, though the fact that he impersonated the Great Owl drove me nuts, and that stupid song only made it worse.

7. Cecil. Where the heck did he even come from? A random caterpillar with a look more suited to a leprechaun, Cecil does little more than add "depth" to the "story".

8. Muriel/Floyd. The cats, I admit, were kind of funny, but their sudden appearance made little sense. They did nothing except become two of Evil Martin's Hench-creatures, chasing Tim down while he and the others searched for the lost 6. (And that's another thing. There were 9 mice lost at NIMH; what the hell happened to the other 3?)

9. Jenny. She was a major fail. There were hardly any physical differences between her and Tim, aside from her long hair, chest, and her eye color, giving the indication that even the animators became annoyed with the film. Her personality was also very similar to his, yet another sign that no real thought went her way throughout the production process.

10. Though Ages looked and sounded pretty much the same, his attitude went from the grouchy, yet somehow lovable doctor to a tutor who didn't seem to know much of what he was talking about. Add that to the fact that he berated Tim for saving the valley from a snake, and you've got an old-fashioned grandfather act going on; lame.

11. In the first film, Justin seemed like the kind of guy who was laid back, yet would whoop your ass if you got him pissed off enough, but in this he was almost...timid, or something like that. My guess is he never even spoke up during that meeting with the council, letting them decide the fate of a place he's supposed to be running. Not only that, but he barely even looked like himself, the only similarity being his clothes from the first film. You'd think he'd have had a change of style by that point...

12. Brutus, the bad-ass guard that almost killed Mrs. Brisby, had turned into an oaf. He was only half his original size, his glowing eyes discarded, his uniform replaced with something almost circus-like. But then again, dark and scary wasn't allowed in 90s 'G-rated' movies.

13. And finally, the star of this little disaster; the great Timothy Brisby himself. I honestly liked him better as a little kid in the beginning, before he developed that false hero-complex. He was nothing more than a geek who was treated like a servant. *Scoffs* some hero.


As I said before, 'Timmy to the Rescue' actually had little to do with the first film. The only solid continuation I could see was that the rats were still "hiding" from NIMH (you could see their town from a plane) and the fact that Jonathan, Jenner, Sullivan, and Nicodemus stayed dead. The only one even mentioned in the film was Jon, displayed in the center of the town as a statue that looked nothing like him. Mrs. Brisby also says his name as she watches her son leave for the valley in the film's beginning. (I think there’s also a bit where Brutus says: “What in the name of Nicodemus!”)

NIMH was almost creepy, as it was shown as being in a state of widespread disrepair, looking more like a ruin than anything else. You would almost have to hand it to Jenney for being able to escape from the place; almost. And how could Thorn Valley's population have soared so quickly? Just how much time did pass before Tim was summoned there? Anyway, besides all of that, there was one detail missing from the plot. What happened to the Stone?

You'd think that Justin, or at least somebody, would have asked about something so important, but they act as though it faded from existence after Mrs. Brisby gave it to him, as though it had never even existed to start with. Besides the swordfight, the Stone was my favorite part of the 'Secret of NIMH', a bundle of power wrapped inside a seemingly innocent gem. Why’d they do away with it?

Let’s move on to another point: the music. What idiot thought of that? The Secret of NIMH was a dark, dramatic movie, but this thing had more bad songs in it than one of Justin Beeper’s CDs. The first few minutes are cute, but then Jeremy comes in and it starts going downhill, all because of songs and character designs. The one in the valley was especially annoying, mainly because it went on forever and didn’t really seem to have a point. My little sister’s poetry is better.


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