The Secret of Sherwood Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two classics are swirled together in a single tale. The legend of Robin Hood is combined with endless secrets to give a tale as never told before. Mystery, romance, tragedy and victory; just some of what shall be exposed.
I can take no credit for most of this, as it came from the gifted mind of another, but he left it undone. I can't write like him, but I shall do my best; my writing begins in chapter 64.

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Two classics are swirled together in a single tale. The legend of Robin Hood is combined with endless secrets to give a tale as never told before. Mystery, romance, tragedy and victory; just some of what shall be exposed.
I can take no credit for most of this, as it came from the gifted mind of another, but he left it undone. I can't write like him, but I shall do my best. Read Chapter


"C'mon, m'lady. we have to leave NOW!" Justin said sternly, hoisting young Timothy Brisbee into his arms. A driving rain, along with whit... Read Chapter


"I trust you bring me some positive news?" The figure at the window intoned without turning around. Sullivan prayed inwardly, glad th... Read Chapter


In the next several hours after Justin had left the Brisbee family to continue their journey, Lady Marian; with the help of Martin or a n... Read Chapter


The gravesites, side-by-side, were unmarked. No headstone. No monument. No marker. Nothing to indicate that there were bodies in coffins ... Read Chapter


The bare whisps of cloud glowed pale orange-pink with the last rays of the setting sun. The dark purple sky glistened with many constella... Read Chapter


The morning Sun had only just cleared the horizon when Justin forced himself once again to stop and rest. He had been loping along at a g... Read Chapter


The sun was high when Mrs. Brisbee awoke. She realized this with a start and, putting on the Amulet and her cape, ran downstairs to see t... Read Chapter


"He said WHAT?" Jenner's voice echoed through the throne room like a peal of angry thunder. The merchant, wearing a white robe to cov... Read Chapter


"I'm really not sure what to tell you, my boy." Dr. Ages said, leaning against the fireplace mantle. Timothy had just told his mother... Read Chapter


In the next several weeks, life settled into something approaching a routine. Mrs. Brisbee made herself responsible for the care and feed... Read Chapter


Jenner regarded the piece of boiled carrot on his fork with disdain. This was not solely because it tasted bad. He never really liked veg... Read Chapter


The jumble of imagery was so disorienting. Bits and pieces of her life popped in and out of focus like the viewing wall of some demented ... Read Chapter


"Escaped? How could they have escaped?" Jenner growled through gritted teeth. Sullivan had given up on trying to please his King and ... Read Chapter


The Sheriff of Nottingham was more than a little peeved by this turn of events. Brutus considered himself to be, in his not-so-humble opi... Read Chapter


The past three days had been the most taxing that Justin had ever spent. While Mrs. Brisbee, as she now preferred to be called, managed t... Read Chapter


Will Scarlet had heard much about the sights and sounds of Londontown over the years as he was growing up. His parents had, before the Pl... Read Chapter


Afternoon slowly faded to dusk which, itself, faded to the blue-black of a moonless night. Sullivan waited a few more minutes just to mak... Read Chapter


In the fortnight after their escape from the fire that had destroyed Dr. Ages house, Justin had spent what little free time he had availa... Read Chapter


Will Scarlet was utterly disgusted and discouraged. For the past several weeks he'd been trying to book passage to the Continent, but his... Read Chapter


Once Will and the skunk; who introduced herself as Heather Kilcannon, an art student from Eire; retrieved their various possessions from ... Read Chapter


"...I mean, what could I do, Sir? I couldn't very well've struck them down in cold blood, could I?" Sullivan sat listening as the you... Read Chapter


A cool breeze whispered through the pre-dawn late-Summer air. A few stars still shown through thin whisps of cloud in the still-dark cano... Read Chapter


Will, Heather and Stabb checked out of the inn at the first light of dawn. They had no more money left and knew that; until they found th... Read Chapter


"Oh, Doctor! How COULD you?" Mrs. Brisbee cried. "You should have told me that he was going to do this!" She and Theresa held each other ... Read Chapter


The meeting that Sullivan had requested of the forces opposed to the rule of "Jenner the Cruel" as he was now being called, although cert... Read Chapter


Lady Euphigenia Kluck tossed and turned as she struggled to relax enough to fall into a peaceful slumber. The news out of Britain was gri... Read Chapter


Mrs. Brisbee, too, lay awake. Emotionally, she felt as if her world were nothing more than a sea of bitter tears; the children and Justin... Read Chapter


Heather awoke slowly and opened one eye, then blinked both open. "G'morning." Stabb said quietly. He was leaning on the sill of a bro... Read Chapter


Justin had been on the move since well before sunrise. He had awakened with a start during an incredibly vivid dream. In it, he had been ... Read Chapter


Pain. Such pain. The pounding in Brutus's head was just more than he could bear. He tried to open his eyes but the blinding light of the ... Read Chapter


Justin stood under the massive arch of the door in awed silence. The last rays of the late-Summer sun gleamed off of the gold of the fami... Read Chapter


The dark figure stealthily approached the manor-house as soon as he saw the light in the upper window go black. Other than the windblown ... Read Chapter


As the first light of the sun began to penetrate through the mist of the cold late-Summer morning, Justin and Brutus expertly navigated t... Read Chapter


Jenner scanned through the papers that the Scribe had just given him. "Very good, very good." He muttered, riffling through the pages. "S... Read Chapter


Lady Euphigenia Kluck shivered in the isolation of her tiny room, not so much from the cold early-Autumn wind that penetrated through the... Read Chapter


Mrs. Brisbee warmed the last of the tea in the cup that she held over the tiny flame of the candle. Once again her night was bereft of ba... Read Chapter


Justin stared silently at the thin shaft of early-morning light that penetrated between the curtains of the window and shone on the ivory... Read Chapter


The Roll-Call room, as it was known, was filled with the controlled chaos of hushed conversation. Word had spread quickly among the Deput... Read Chapter


"Sir, wake up please." Sullivan groaned. He couldn't remember when he'd last gotten a decent nights sleep. He mumbled something to wh... Read Chapter


The Noon Sun shone brightly as Mrs. Brisbee stood at the back door and looked out onto the field where her children and Jeremy were worki... Read Chapter


Linnette Talbot was less than impressed by the Locksley Estate. While she was sure that, visually, the building must have represented unt... Read Chapter


Justin's return was a joyous and, on Mrs. Brisbee's part, tearful occasion. After the celebratory meal, Stabb told him of the events lead... Read Chapter


Sullivan was both awed and dismayed by the eerie silence that greeted him and his Deputies on this cold, gloomy Autumn morning. During th... Read Chapter


What a madhouse! Until last night Locksley Manor had been virtually empty; except for himself, Linney and a few other families who had fi... Read Chapter


King Jenner made it a point to rise before dawn no matter how late he'd stayed up the night before. Today this was more important than ev... Read Chapter


Justin stared through the small breathing hole that he'd burrowed with his nose and muzzle through the many layers of blankets that held ... Read Chapter


The congregation gathered for the meeting was actually rather small, occupying barely two-thirds of the Grand Dining Hall. (Even taking i... Read Chapter


Jenner was pacing the Courtyard Overlook going over the various reports that he'd heard from the Sheriffs and Guildmasters in his mind. E... Read Chapter


Ignatz was at his wit's end. He could deal with Jenner's cruelty no longer. As frightened as he was, he'd made his decision and now he wo... Read Chapter


Linnette took in the enticing, wonderful smell. Following her nose and the system of ropes that her husband had laid out she quietly and ... Read Chapter


A light dusting of snow on Autumn's fallen leaves heralded the coming of Winter to Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest. Lady Kluck ne... Read Chapter


"Good, Mr. Stabb, now go on to the next one." "Oh geez, Doc, how much more o' this do I gotta do?" Dr. Ages pointed to the page o... Read Chapter


Along with Lady Kluck's expected bad news, Justin recieved a piece of good news that day. Galen happily reported that the breach in the k... Read Chapter


"WHERE IS HE?" Jenner's voice reverberated like thunder through the throneroom. "We, uh, we don't know, Your Majesty." Zim; a jackal,... Read Chapter


"LEFT-two-three-four, LEFT-two-three-four. Col-lumn HALT!" Under a bright winter noontime sun, the ragged line of animals halted thei... Read Chapter


Gillian Gisbourne was so depressed she wanted to cry. Only two days had passed since Geoffrey had helped the little scribe and his family... Read Chapter


The line of animals proceeded along the narrow forest path as the chill early-morning air enveloped them; the occasional falling snowflak... Read Chapter


The line of animals proceeded along the narrow forest path as the chill early-morning air enveloped them; the occasional falling snowflak... Read Chapter


It was just before mid-morning when they arrived at the Heath. The now-deserted Talbot cottage stood dark and forlorn among the moss-cove... Read Chapter


"DAMN, YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU BE SO INCOMPETENT?" Sullivan screamed as Deputy Sillus gnawed at the rope that bound Blackjack's wrists. ... Read Chapter


It was about two days before Gillian Gisbourne dared venture out from the crude shelter that shed found in Londontowns most run-down area... Read Chapter


Deputy Sillus could barely contain his glee as he peered out between the trees from his location just inside the forest. Before him lay a... Read Chapter


Geoffrey Gisbourne stared down at the still-blank page of his "journal", tapping the end of his pen impatiently on the side of his head j... Read Chapter