Highway 10: The Slaves of Perversion

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Horrible things are taking place along Highway 10. Something sinister is capturing people and is doing abominable things with their bodies. When a young girl finds out the truth; she tries to free a group of people from being victimized. However, the child is discovered and she has to run to save her life. If she can’t escape this unnatural evil she will be brutalized and turned into a slave of perversion.

Highway 10: The Slaves of Perversion is rated PG-13 due to mature themes. Parental guidance is recommended before allowing a minor 13 and under to read its content. This is a short story that is a prelude to a future release.

Submitted: January 14, 2015

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Submitted: January 14, 2015



Chapter 1

“Hey, little girl. I got some candy for you. It’s your favorite flavor, baby. Sweet and juicy. Come get it sugar.” A burly man said in a perverted tone. Laughter began to come from his mouth. He was trying to get a young girl to respond to his sickening comments. The man wanted to lure her out into the open.

His face was neat and clean shaven but his eyes revealed that something dark lurked inside of him. The burly man was moving through the parking lot of the abandoned truck stop at Camino Path. It was littered with old broken down vehicles and metal debris covered the ground. 

The burly man turned toward his accomplices. They too were pursuing the child.

“Where is that tender prissy. We have to find that young smut. They’ll pay good money to taste her tangy young flesh.” The man who spoke those words was big and heavy. He had a thick dark beard and tattoos of strange cultic symbols covered his face. His unnerving appearance revealed that he was a disturbed individual.  

“I want to taste that feline myself. I bet she has a real good flavor. Lick her like a lollipop. Lick her like a lollipop.” said the last man in the group. He was laughing with an odd voice as he danced around in an unnatural manner. This man was tall and thin and resembled an insane vagrant. He had an ominous personality. Most people could pick up on it and avoided him out of fear. 

“We have to get her. The master dreads that girl. He wants us to capture her. So we can prostitute her out before allowing the demon to consume her soul.” The burly man snorted. 

“Yea, then she’ll be a new spirit. She’ll be like the master. She’ll be like us!” The Tall Man snarled menacingly.

“Here that little girl. You can be like us. Then we can all enjoy your delicious flesh. Come on you little wretch. Come out and play with us.” The burly man's voice was full of anger and hatred. His large frame started to shake violently while he spoke.

He then went into a fit of rage and so did his partners. They began to snap and growl in loud and angry tones. Their eye sockets turned blood red and seemed to glow in the bright moonlight. The men’s faces changed appearance with every movement that they made. One second they seemed like their normal deranged selves; the next instant they looked like strange sinister beings. These horrible men intensified their search for the girl. They wanted to completely demoralize their hapless victim.


Chapter 2

The little girl was watching her stalkers from twenty feet away. She was hidden behind the damaged wheel of a big rig. The frightened child was on the edge of the parking lot at the old truck stop. The open desert was about ten feet behind her. 

Fear surged through her mind and body. Her thoughts clearly revealed how she felt. 

"You think when you have God on your side, you will never get scared. It’s not true. You do get scared. I’m scared now. They’re closing in on me. No matter where I hide. They can somehow sense where I’m at. Darkness hates the light. The light is an abomination to darkness. I am a light sent by God. But the only true light that was sent into the world was his Son, Jesus Christ. I have to remember that when I’m looking into the eyes of evil men. When I’m seeing evil men turn into demon possessed creatures. They are real. Jesus defeated them in the past. I must defeat them now. But, like I said, I’m afraid. I want to run. I want to get away. I think I will." 

The little girl turned her body slowly toward the desert behind her and began to run as fast she could into the open country. 


Chapter 3

“Drake, we have to get to Grace. She’s all alone out there.” Monica was incredibly frantic. She had lost track of the little girl when she disappeared into the night. She was on her smartphone talking to her friend. 

“Monica, calm down. We’ll find her.” Drake was trying to quiet her fears. “You said Abby knows where she is, right?”

“Yes. But she should have called by now.” Monica couldn’t stop worrying about the young girl that vanished earlier that evening. 

“Listen, Monica. Me and Jayden will go back to the place that she left. Just in case she shows up. You guys just go to the place where she was supposed to be. I’ll call you in about half an hour to let you know what's going on.” Drake said.

“Alright, Drake. Be careful.” Monica responded. 

“You do the same. Talk to you in a minute.” Drake hung up his smartphone. Monica clicked hers off as well.

She then turned toward the young woman who was driving her blue SUV. The lady's name was Abby. She was a beautiful twenty-three-old female with striking green eyes. She had slightly tanned skin and dark blond hair. 

“You know where she is don’t you?” Monica asked Abby.

“Yea, I think I know where she’s at. She has to be at that old truck stop off of Camino Path. That's where she said she was going, right? Abby waited for a response from Monica. 

"Yes, that's what she said." replied Monica.

"Well, were not far from that place. It's about five miles up the road.” said Abby.

Monica was still anxious. “She’s alone out there. If that thing gets to her, I’ll never forgive myself.”

Abby looked at her with concern. “Look, Monica. I know you worry about Grace and I know you love her. But something about that little girl isn’t right. How does she just disappear into thin air and end up in some other place? Normal people just don’t do that.”

“Abby you already know how. We explained this to you.” Monica replied in an uneasy tone.

“I know, but I still don’t believe it.” Abby was apprehensive toward Grace. This unusual little girl frightened her. 

“Grace has some kind of powers. They’re God given. He gave them to her to fight against that thing. We have to help her. She helped you.” Monica did not like explaining Grace’s unnatural abilities. She has a hard time understanding them herself. 

Abby lightened her mood. “I know she saved me from that thing. She gave me another chance to live. Another chance to give my life to Christ. I’m grateful. I really am. But that girl scares me sometimes. The things that she can do. She’s so close to God. This is all new to me.”

“Same here.” Monica replied. She could not help but to agree. “I only have known Grace for about a year. I’m still getting use to her. But I love her with all of my heart. That twelve-year-old girl is like my own daughter. We have to find her.”

Abby could tell that Monica had a deep connection with Grace. Even though the little girl made her feel uneasy, she knew she had to help Monica. 

“Don’t worry Monica. We'll get Grace back.” 

The blue SUV began to pick up speed as it raced down the highway toward its destination. 


Chapter 4

The burly man was slobbering at the mouth and was moving madly in his quest to find Grace. He was darting through the parking lot from one place to the next. He threw huge pieces of metal truck and car parts out of his way while he tracked her down. Demon possessed people have been known to display this kind of strength. 

While the burly man searched for Grace he happened to look out into the open country. When he did; he saw something that agitated his evil persona. He saw something moving at a fast pace. He recognized the girl. The little blonde girl with God powers. He immediately wanted to kill her. But the demon that was controlling his soul told him to just seize the child. 

"Remember the plans that the master has for her." It reminded him.  

“I found her.” He groaned to his companions. “She’s out there in the desert.” The three devils began to howl and yell with excitement. 

Grace’s pursuers started to run faster. They were moving at an unnatural rate of speed for human beings. They had death in their thoughts and murder in their hearts. After all, they were being controlled by evil spirits. 


Chapter 5

Grace was sprinting as fast as she could to keep away from her predators. She knew they were quickly gaining ground on her. Her mind was thinking about why she had to flee to survive. 

"I know they see me. I know they’re coming. I hate being out in the open. Open spaces are dangerous. There is no place to hide. No place to disappear. But I have to escape. I can’t let those men get me. If they do, I’ll be like one of the people that I am trying to save. 

The men chasing me are from the Shadow Cult. They carry out the will of the Shadow Demon. They like to capture women and children. They snatch unfortunate souls who are alone and wandering in the desert or on the roads. They enslave illegal aliens searching for a better life. They capture children running away from bad family situations. They steal ill-fated young girls (and boys) from their parents. Their victims are isolated and weak. Desperate. Struggling. Like I was, before Monica found me. 

People love to buy flesh for pleasure. That is why God sent me to this truck stop on Camino Path. The Lord wants to use me to stop this abominable thing. He wants me to free these people from being the slaves of perversion. 

I already know if those men get a hold of me - they will rape me. Prostitute my flesh. Then try to turn me into a daughter of hell. But they’re fools. God won’t let that happen. At least I believe that he won’t."


Chapter 6

The blue SUV pulled into the parking lot of the abandoned truck stop. Abby turned off the vehicle. She had parked in front of the empty diner that was located on the premises. Monica and she quickly exited the SUV. Monica looked around. She noticed the deserted diner and an old gasoline island with broken down pumps. A bunch of heavily damaged small structures were spread out in back. This place was once a very busy hub that catered to truckers, local residents and travelers that worked and passed through this part of Texas. It was located about 30 miles outside of El Paso, off of Highway 10. 

“You know this place?” Monica asked Abby while she was still scanning the area for a sign of Grace. 

“Not really. I just know how to get here. Not how it’s set up.” said Abby.

“Think. The last time you were here. Did you go to any of these buildings?” Monica asked her.

“No.” Abby responded. “I remember that busted up gas station and this old diner. Nothing else.”

“Did you pick up men from this place?” Monica inquired. 

“I sure did. That was a couple of years back. This place was a dump then but it's really gone down hill. But I did most of my work in the parking lot.” said Abby. Abby noticed how raggedy and trashy the truck stop looked.  

Monica was still checking out the area. “We have to search through those buildings. She’s got be in one of them.”

“You’re probably right.” said Abby. “Hey. Should we hide the car and call the police?” 

Monica thought for a second. “Too late for that. We have to find Grace now. We don’t have time to wait on the cops. I don’t think anyone is around. Let’s go find her. Hopefully, if someone is here they won’t see us.”

Monica and Abby began to move quickly and silently between the lifeless structures in their quest to locate the missing little girl. 


Chapter 7

Sweat was literally pouring from Grace's young face. It streamed into her eyes. Her thin frame was moving extremely fast for a young girl. She was pushing her body beyond its limit. Grace knew that she was losing ground to her pursuers. Her mind was still trying to process this dilemma. 

“They’re almost on me. I turned my head around to see them. My stalkers are about ten feet away. It’s just a matter of time before they get me. I know I have powers from God. But I can’t use them whenever I want to. It just doesn’t work like that. If it did, I would simply drop to my knees and ask God to wipe these satanic men from off of the Earth. I can only use my powers to serve God’s purposes.

These men are getting closer. They’re coming with a deadly fury. They’re smiling wickedly. They have a look of satisfaction in their eyes. They really believe that they are going to fulfill their sickening desires with my flesh. I know God won’t allow this. But it seems like he will.

Horrible sounds and profanities began to come out of their mouths. I can feel them right behind me. If something doesn’t happen within the next ten seconds. They will run me down. I only have one hope. 

‘God, if you can hear me. I’m not going to make it. They’re getting too close. The only one who can save me is you. I trust in you Jesus. I need you.’ I prayed out loud while I ran. 

Tears flowed out of my eyes. They mixed with the sweat that was dripping from my face. I just keep running prolonging the inevitable. I'm running out of breath. But I’m too afraid to be tired. I just don’t believe I’m going to make it. I know God hears his followers. But he doesn’t always answer them right away. I think I’m going to become their victim.” 


Chapter 8

Monica and Abby continued their search. A few minutes later Monica spotted a dim light that shone out of the window of a small crumbling building. Monica pointed quietly to the illumination. She let Abby know that someone was there. 

Within moments the girls arrived at the structure. Both of them cautiously peered around the place. They wanted to make sure no one else was watching them. As far as they could tell, no one else was present. Monica then looked inside of the window where the light was shining. She saw something that disturbed her mind. 

The dimly lit room was filled with naked women and children. They were all huddled up against each other. Most of them were asleep. A few of them were staring back at her. She knew they had seen her; but she was too shocked to turn away. 

People hear about this type situation on television. Or maybe they hear stories or rumors about it from other individuals. Rarely, do most people come across a prostitution ring. Very few people get to see real life slaves of the sex trade. Abby looked into the window with Monica. She wanted to see what was keeping her attention. She saw the naked people too; but she wasn’t as horrified. 

Abby used to be a prostitute who worked the truck stops along Highway 10. She knew this kind of thing existed. This young woman was almost a victim herself. That happened a few days before she encountered the Shadow Demon. If it was not for Grace, she would have died from that evil thing. 

“We got to get them out of here. But let’s call the police.” Abby knew the full extent of what was happening. 

“Let’s just bust the window and do it ourselves. Screw the police.” shouted Monica. She was shocked and extremely angry. The young lady wanted to grab the captives and run.  

“Be quiet!” Abby warned her. “Hold on. People just don’t leave a room full of sex slaves all alone. Someone is here.” 

“I don’t care.” Monica was too angry to think clearly. She started to look around on the ground for something to break the window. She didn’t see anything that she could use for this purpose.  

“You’re not thinking strait.” Abby told her. “Let’s call the police. Trust me somebody is here with them.”

Monica took off her light blue tank top. She had on a black bra underneath. Her cinnamon colored skin was starting to bead up with sweat. Her temperature had risen because of her rage. She was acting off of impulse. Her beautiful face hardened. She did not like what she was seeing. The young woman wanted to free these people.

She took her shirt and wrapped it around her hand. Then with two furious punches she smashed her covered fist through the window. Monica was fortunate that the window was made out of extremely brittle glass. It shattered into many pieces. Some of the shards fell onto the people who were asleep below the pane.  A few pieces of the glass left light scrapes over her arm.

The people in the room were startled. The individuals who were asleep under the pane moved quickly to different sides of the compartment out of fear. Monica stuck her head inside of the room through the open space. She could smell the stench of naked human bodies. Must, urine and the foul odor of perverted sex met her nostrils.

“I’m here to help you. I’m here to get you out. Come on.” Monica said while holding out her hand. Some of the women and children understood what she was saying. They eagerly started to go toward her. However, a lot of the people in the room got in front of them. They began to make a commotion. They did not want them to leave. 

Abby knew what was going on. She grabbed Monica. “You just made a big mistake. Those people aren’t coming out of that room like this.”

Monica snatched away. “Some of them are trying too. We got to get them out of here.”

“Monica. Those people don’t know us. They don’t trust us. They’re stopping those girls because they’re too afraid of their captors.” Abby told her. “We got to call the police.”

Monica ignored her again. She kept her arms stretched out. “Come on.” She motioned to them. “Let’s go.” Once more, a few of the slaves tried to come to her but the others were making it difficult. They were too afraid. 

“Monica!” Abby snapped at her. “Let’s call the police. They can help them. We can stay here. But that’s the best thing to do.”

Monica was about to start arguing with Abby. Just as she did a figure emerged from the side of the building. He was carrying a loaded weapon. He had it aimed at Monica’s head. 

Chapter 9

“I got you now you little blonde haired freak.” snarled the burly man. He used his supernatural demonic strength to leap into the air toward her small body. Grace knew she was not going to outrun him. She knew that her time had come. Her heart sunk. Her small body tensed as she prepared to feel the impact of the burly man. 

His body soared through the air. It was stretched out like a wide receiver making a diving catch for a football. He was thinking about how Grace’s naked flesh was going to taste on his tongue. He also pictured how he was going to violently beat this child. Hitting her with hard punches. Slamming her into the ground and dragging her face across the rugged and rough desert sand. 

However, God had different plans for Grace. And it didn’t involve being abused, beaten and captured for the Shadow Demon’s pleasure. No sooner than the burly man was inches from Grace’s body, God had swept her away to another location. 

The Lord had given Grace the ability to be taken away to another place by the power of the Holy Spirit. The same as he did with the prophet Elijah in the past. He heard Grace’s prayer because he listened to her when she asked him for help. He knew that her purpose on the Earth wasn’t over. He saved her from her the desire of evil men. 

The burly man crashed hard into the spot where Grace was supposed to have been. Once he hit the ground he realized that she had been saved by the Lord. He and his companions were frustrated and angry.

“He has deprived us again. The mighty God has saved the girl.” The devil possessed men howled and gnashed their teeth in agony. Because of sin, people are not always afraid of the Lord. But demons know better. They understand that there is only one true God. And they tremble with fear at the thought of him.  

Chapter 10

“Back away from the window.” The man told the young women. Monica and Abby did as he commanded. “I don’t know who you two are and I don’t care. But I don’t like you screwing around with the master’s property.” 

The man was still pointing the gun at Monica’s head. The young women didn’t say anything. They did as he commanded. The people in the room became very quiet and did not move. They already knew his temperament. They were extremely afraid of him. The man with the gun continued to speak.

“You got a choice. I can blow both of your brains out right now; or you can take off your clothes and become a part of our family.” The man with the gun was serious. He quickly shot a bullet from his powerful rifle. The bullet was only a few feet over the women’s head. The ladies instinctively jumped to the ground out of fear.

“I’m not playing with you two wenches. Take off your clothes and join the slaves in that room. Or I’m going to kill you.” The man with the gun was prepared to follow through with his threat.

Monica hesitated out of anger and fear. Abby wanted to live. She started to unbutton her shorts and remove her tank top. The man noticed that she was complying and that Monica was hesitating. 

“Woman. You better do what your friend is doing otherwise I’m going to blow a hole in you.” 

“Do it Monica. At least we’ll be alive.” Abby told her. 

Monica hesitated again. 

“You black females are always so damn stubborn.” 

The man then lowered his weapon to shoot Monica in her face. Just as he did, Grace appeared out of nowhere in a flash of light and came crashing down into him. Once this happened the gun was knocked from his hand. The man hit the ground from the impact of this unexpected blow. 

“What the crap?” Grace was surprised. She did not expect to fall into another person when she was transported to another place. 

The man with the gun was also confused. He too was not expecting anyone to smash into him out of thin air. Grace had landed onto his head. The force from this blow was similar to another man giving him a hard punch to his face. 

While he was temporarily dazed; Monica thought to grab the gun. She scrambled madly for the firearm. A few seconds later, the man had regained his composure. He could see the gun but he could not reach it in time. Monica already had it in her hands. The angry young woman aimed the weapon at him. He got up and ran away as fast as he could. Even though Monica was enraged and wanted to shoot him; she did not really want to kill or injure the man. She was glad that he left. 

“Grace, you’re okay.” Monica was very happy to see the young girl. She was still looking at the man who was fleeing while she spoke. 

“Yea, mom. I’m fine. I think.” Grace got up off of the ground and brushed the dirt off of her body. 

Monica turned around toward the child. She had a huge smile on her face. It was one of joy and relief. She hugged her tightly. “Oh, baby. I was so worried about you. How come you didn’t call us once you got here?” Grace had embraced Monica strongly. She too was glad to see her again. 

“I lost the phone. It has to be around here somewhere. Sorry” Grace told her. 

“It’s okay. It's just a phone Grace.” Monica assured her. "I'm just glad your okay." Monica held her closely for a few more seconds then released her. She then turned toward Abby who was half naked on the ground. 

“Abby, you alright?”

“Not really. I thought we were going to die.” Abby was shaken up by the incident. She was slowly putting her clothes back on. “That’s two times you saved me Grace.”

“God must have placed me on that man’s head like that. I don’t know what just happened. We'll I'm glad he brought me here like that. Honestly, it wasn't me.” Grace replied.  

“Come on guys we have to get those people out of here. That man could come back with his friends.” Monica told them. 

“Or the Shadow Demon could show up and try to finish what those evil men started.” Grace added somberly.

“What are you talking about? What happened to you?” Monica noticed the sudden change in Grace’s voice as she spoke.  

“Mom, I’m okay. I was just almost . . ." Grace sighed. "I’ll tell you later. Let’s go help those people.” Grace was grateful that God saved her. Though, his timing was a little to close for her comfort. 

“I’m going to call the police and then Drake and Jayden.” said Monica. She took out her smartphone and began to make calls.

The women then started to help the people out of the building. The captives informed them that there were more slaves being held in the structures that were spread out across the area. Most of them were locked away in rooms or chained to walls. When the police showed up on the scene there were close to two hundred people waiting to be taken to safety. 

Even though Grace and her friends saved a lot of souls; they were doing it with fear. They just were not sure if the Shadow Demon would appear or if the cult members would come back. But, no one else showed up but the officers. However, there were a couple of figures who had been quietly watching everything unfold at the truck stop; since Abby and Monica had arrived. 


Grace was standing away from the police and her friends. The young girl was staring out into the desert. The sun was about to rise over the horizon. Grace glanced back at the scene in the truck stop parking lot. She looked at all of the commotion with the police, her friends and the captives. The young girl smiled and then began to stare at the dim sunlight again. Her thoughts were focused on everything that had just happened. 

"We helped to free at least two hundred people from this sex ring. I was extremely grateful that God used me for this purpose. His mercy made me forget those dreaded moments with those sick perverted men. Now, it seems more like a bad dream than a real moment in time.

We told the police about the Shadow Cult. But we did not tell them about the evil spirit. Who would believe us? People know that demons are real but they won’t acknowledge them. So why try to convince someone, that there is a devil searching for victims along Highway 10. 

But don’t worry, God has given me power to fight against this terrifying spirit. My name is Grace and this is my story. Until I can find out what this creature did with my family; and how to stop it once and for all; my friends and me, will do our best to save people, from being destroyed by the Shadow Demon." 






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