Frozen Chinese

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This is based on a true story of being stranded in a blizzard and surviving, a man and a woman in a hotel room, strangers, and what the experience brought to light.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



I drove a truck to the Cleveland area and pulling out of the dock, the driveshaft broke. I was stuck and a blizzard was on the way. I walked to the nearest hotel which was filling up fast (Days Inn, 120 rooms 1200 cockroaches). I was the last one in line as they already were saying they were full. (this was pre-internet days) They told the guy in front of me with a family of 4 that they were full. The lady burst out crying and the guy behind the counter started scrambling around looking at whatever it is they used to look at back then to find another room. Meanwhile, as the man comforted his wife, another couple offered that they stay in his room which had 2 King sized beds. The couple agreed and they left. During this time, the snow was coming down like the "Gods" were having a pillow fight. I watched as a car tried to get up the slope to the parking lot to the hotel and struggle to finally find a parking space. A tiny figure emerged and made it's way to the office door.

I was up at the desk as the clerk held up a paper and said "I have one last room!"


He was looking around for the little family, but they had disappeared and a pretty little Chinese lady appeared in the doorway covered in fresh fallen snow.


I said, "I'll take it!"


We exchanged keys and money and I was told where to find the room.


The Chinese lady had magnificent negotiating skills and somehow managed to get the clerk to find another room. I left for my room and in a swirl of cold air and snow, I shut the blizzard out behind me and shivered in spite of myself. The room was cold and I ran to the heater control and cranked that mother all the way to the "Hellfire" setting.

I surveyed the room and the furnishings and I found that there was no towels. I sighed, opened the door to the arctic and went back to the office. Nobody was there and at 8PM the Clerk could not be found. I rang the after hours bell and a head popped out of a doorway and popped back in. A hand appeared with a finger held up (not that finger) indicating that I should wait. In a short time the clerk appeared and let me in without a word. He was apparently involved in another conversation.


When we rounded the corner by the front desk, we were at a door that was opened with the pretty Chinese lady seated across from the desk.


The man apologized to the lady and sat back down and was intent on seeing something on the yellow pages spread open on the desk.


From their conversation I gathered that the room he had given her was occupied and now she was without accommodations. He was rectifying his mea culpa by calling other hotels and motels in the area. The closest one was about 100 miles away toward Columbus and it may not be available by the time she gets there unless she makes a reservation now! The news was saying that the interstate may be closing and that the interstate going to Erie PA was already closed. This is the direction she was going and it bothered her to go 200 miles out of the way just for a room for the night.

As she asked a few more questions, the tears were welling up in her eyes. The clerk sensed that she was done and put on his best matter of fact/ teller of bad news face. He looked at me and apologized and asked if he could help me. I told him I needed towels. "No problem sir!" He jumped up and went on his way, relieved to be able to accomplish something within his control and have an acceptable answer.

I asked the Chinese lady if she found a room. She looked up at me to analyze my face. She looked back down and said no. I asked her "So, what are you going to do?" She was looking down and her long beautiful dark brown almost black hair was concealing her face as it fell into her lap. She was crying now in earnest and with her best composure, she replied "I don't know. I suppose I will have to sleep in my car!" At that utterance her hands went to her face and she was silently shaking and sobbing to herself.

I had an idea, but I was hesitant to suggest it, but I felt sorry for her and I realized she wouldn't last long outside and she had nobody to help her. Not even money would buy her way out of this and I guessed she didn't have a problem with money.

So, I laid out my suggestion logically and matter of fact. She looked up and thought about it and then she said "No. I could not impose on you, it wouldn't be proper!" I said, "what would be proper? You freezing to death in your car or at least getting pneumonia?" She wavered.

I told her the room had 2 beds, I would sleep in my clothes and so could she.

She stood up and looked up at me with a sheepish grin wiping her eyes and said, "Thank you SO much! I try not to allow myself to get in such positions! But, I did not know the weather could turn so bad so fast, I am from San Francisco."

She grabbed her suitcase on wheels and followed me dutifully out of the hotel and into the maelstrom of snow.


As we moved around parked cars and drifts of snow, she struggled with her suitcase as she tried to drag it behind her. It seemed like a bratty kid who did not want want to go and had to pulled by the hand as he grabbed on to every obstacle and fell to the ground making it difficult on purpose.

She was falling behind and so I came up to her and grasped the suitcase by the side handle and picked it up. She looked up at me from her hooded coat and said thank you as the wind took her hair and wrapped it around her hood and her face in a wild flailing and under the bluish light of the mercury vapor security light, she looked as beautiful as any woman I had ever seen [Sorry, I have a thing for Asian babes] as I passed her again, I got close enough to her to tell her "It is just around the corner and up the stairs!"

With the smell of the snow and of the cold, I got a whiff of some sweet perfume, perhaps Ciara. That was nice. She smelled good, perhaps I was anti-stereo-typing all the Chinese women I remembered and associating the smell of a Chinese restaurant, the burning wok and the pungent odor of deep fried oil wafting its way to the eating area where the girls always were.

She said nothing the whole time we made our way to the room and when I opened the door to the room, I let her in first (like a gentleman) and she stepped in and surveyed the situation while I closed the door and stood her suitcase up near her.


"Which one do you want?" I asked, referring to the beds.


She did not immediately answer but she looked around at the room and the bathroom and then came back and sat down at the one farthest from the door and closest to the bathroom. She said in a small voice: "This one."


I said, "Excellent choice, by the way my name is Kevin, what is yours?"

She looked at me with a little bit of concern and she began, "First of all, I want you to know that I am thankful for allowing me to share your room, I will be happy to pay for my share of the room. But I want you to know this is not a situation of boy-girl!"


I looked confused and she had a stern look on her face. I mused, "Boy-girl?"


She searched her brain for another expression. "This is not like a date! that is what I mean, so I do not want any misunderstandings why I agreed to stay in your room, it is not for sex!"

She seemed to be getting angry about it as if I made a move on her but I didn't. I was just being friendly. So I recalled her mind to our conversation earlier"


"Yes, I totally agree and I understand, remember I am the one who suggested we leave our clothes on, you can't have sex with your clothes on, besides, that is the farthest thing from my mind [that was a lie] I am just glad I am able to help you to survive the blizzard!


I said the last few words as I put my suitcase in a corner and retrieved my "bathroom kit" and set it on the sink.


I looked over at her and said "OK?"


She brightened, "OK!"


That little speech seemed to set her at ease.


I had taken my coat off when I got into the room and now the heater was blazing hot! I was perspiring and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I stepped outside for a minute. The cold air felt good for a few minutes and help to dry out my shirt.

The door opened and she popped her head out, "Ling!"

"Excuse me, what?" I asked.

"Ling" she said again, "My name is Ling!"

"Oh! Ok Ling, nice to meet you!"

"What are you doing out here? Are you smoking?"

"No, I don't smoke, I was just cooling off, the room is a bit warm."

"Oh, I don't think so, I think it is about right."


She went back inside and I uttered some soft profanity under my breath. It is going to be too hot to sleep tonight. "Oh well", I thought to myself the old adage: "No good deed goes unpunished."

After a few minutes the cold took over and I had to go back inside.

Ling was watching the news on TV and they were announcing road closings and power outages.

Now was a good time to take the MAN dump, while she was occupied and not likely to venture into the forebidden zone afterwards.


I was just finishing up when the light went out!


Oh we got us a jokester! A Chinese girl jokester!

I pulled up my pants and washed my hands in the dark and found the door handle and opened the door.

As the door opened I heard Ling say "The power is out."


I said, oh well, it is time to go to bed anyway.

she agreed and took off her coat.

There was an eerie glow coming from the window, but for the most part it was dark.

I could barely see Ling getting out of bed and going to the window. She looked outside for a moment and then she took her arms and grabbed a hold of the drapes and pulled them together tightly and made sure there was no "peep hole" where someone could look in. During the time she was standing in front of the window, I could see her perfect small frame silhouetted against the dim glow of the white snowstorm outside. It appeared to me as the art of an angel spreading her wings, I can still see the memory of it to this day. She silently climbed into her bed and adjusted her bed clothes and pillows to suit her taste.

It was quiet for a few minutes and I didn't want to be rude and wake her so I said "Goodnight Ling."


She stirred and said, "Goodnight Kevin."


And for awhile my mind was running away into fantasy land as the room continued to get colder and colder.

I drifted off and woke up only to climb under the covers as the room was getting colder and colder.


Sometime in the middle of the night, something was bothering me. I couldn't place it in my groggy half awake mind. My nose was the only thing sticking out of the covers and there was a mist coming from my breath. It was cold.


Finally, I located the intrusion: Ling was calling my name.

I acknowledged her and she said she was freezing. she had already put her coat back on and she was not sleeping at all and she was afraid she may freeze to death.


I tried to call the office but the phone was dead. I felt around in the drawers for extra blankets, but found none.


I had an idea, but she may not like it.

I got out of bed and came over to her and I asked her to give me her hand.

It was freezing cold. I put the back of my hand on her forehead and it was cold and she was shivering (from the cold and not from me being near to her - dammit!)


She was talking and I could barely understand what she was saying with her shivering so. She may have already been entering the first stages of hypothermia.


It was cold in the room and I had no alternative but to plan for emergency procedures and I told her the same. She was very small and she lacked the metabolic mechanism to sustain her during a spell of extreme cold.

I had a candy bar in my bag (I was saving it, Mounds, dark Chocolate and coconut) I asked her to eat it to give her body something to work with. She accepted and began to eat.

I took all the bed clothes off of my bed and put it on her bed.

She thanked me and in the dark I could almost make out the gratitude in her eyes but she was not out of danger yet. I explained scientifically how body heat was shared and then I stopped and waited for it to soak in.


She said nothing but in a moment she flopped up the bed clothes and said "Hurry! I am freezing to death!" I got under the covers and she immediately came to me and placed her cold body next to mine, facing me, with her head just under my chin. She had her arms crossed in front of her chest and her little hands balled up in fists and her knees were up in front of her in a semi fetal position. I put both of my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. I could feel the coolness of her body and she then, could feel the warmth coming from mine. We were both too cold to sleep and the excitement of the situation was a little too much for us to try.


Finally she says to me, "You are just a big warm bear!"


She is warming up and her need to converse was warming up too, perhaps in an effort to normalize the situation and make her feel at ease, she voice her thoughts: " I am glad you thought of this, Kevin. I might have died in this room this night and what would they say about me?"


I started to reply, but she was already ahead of me.


"It would have been an embarrassing way to die, I think. But I am glad you are a gentleman and you have not taken advantage of me. But I am sure there are some ladies that would like to be in my place now, yes?"

"You mean about to freeze to death in a hotel with a strange man?"

She giggled, "Yes, that is what I mean."

"Yeah, sure. It happens all of the time. I have an appointment book, my normal girl was late, you were lucky, I am normally all booked up!"

A little snort came in response to my quip.

"Well you aren't doing a very good job, my hands are still very cold."

I told her to put them under my shirt and she complied willingly and without hesitation.

She was right, they were like icicles as she fanned her fingers out on my upper belly.

It was about this time that the air from the covers came into my nostrils and I could smell her sweet perfume and the smell of the conditioner residue in her hair and it was all so sweet and feminine. It was reacting with my hormones and taking my gentlemanly resolve to task. With her hands on my chest now and warming and the tickling of her breath on the part of me where my neck meets my chest, it was such a turn-on that I could hardly contain myself, but her innocent and trusting manner forced me to stick to my resolve and grit my teeth and stay calm and unmoved.

Her feet were getting cold and it was causing her pain so I got up and got 2 pairs of my socks and put them on her little feet after I held them in my warm hands till they were a little warmer.

I jumped back into bed and she clinged to me like a monkey and wrapped herself around me tightly.


She asked if I was married and I said, "Yes, but I have been separated for almost a year."

She volunteered that she had never been married but had a boyfriend for 5 years who constantly cheated on her. He was picked by her family to marry, but she started her own business of selling cameras and film and it has become so successful that she has not had time for a relationship. She is constantly travelling and is never in one place long enough to develop any ties or romance.

She started telling me about her life in China and her family and how she ended up in Ohio and where she was going and eventually she fell asleep after calling me her "Bear" that saved her from freezing.


After lying there for awhile, pondering the situation and reliving certain pleasant events of the night and wrestling with a few sexual fantasies that began to have bodily repercussions, I squelched them and thinking about my boys and how much they would like the snow, I too fell asleep.


I woke slowly to find my self lying on my back sort of and a Chinese woman with the face of an angel lying on top of me with her face inches away from mine. Her left arm was around my neck and her right arm was wrapped around my chest. Her left leg was between my outstretched legs and her foot was just below my knee on myleft calf while her other leg was in front of it on the bed between. My arms were encircling her and for a moment I wondered if I was dreaming.


Her beautiful dark hair was lying everywhere and on my arms and neck. I was taken by the symmetry and smallness of her little nose which had that flat "baby" look, but was not spread across her face like some Filipinos I had seen. She had long lashes and high arched eyebrows. Her lips were full and dark colored and her skin was soft and smooth.


I was in love.


But I had to pee.


Now, in the morning, when a guy has to pee, there is a strange physical reaction which is actually counter productive to the urination process as the bladder exerts pressure on the prostate gland and the prostate gland (being a horny 24-7 gland) sends the signal to the brain to ready the canon for firing. The brain is always ready to comply because it gets a nice little boost of endorphins which is like a cocktail of the finest alcohol mixture. The signal is sent and the canon is brought to the ready and loaded and aimed at a high elevation, ready for action. The problem is that the canon can be used for draining the bladder or for making whoopie and cannot be made to function for both purposes at the same time.

A wise woman can always tell if a man takes a fancy to her by this indicator. And unfortunately (for many men) this is not always a welcome indication.


At this point in time, I was not happy that ol' faithful was already for the parade. So, I had to find a way to get out of bed in all innocence despite the indication otherwise and relieve the physiological predicament I was in (no pun intended).


I carefully unwrapped Ling's arms and body and slowly withdrew from under the covers. I tip-toed to the bathroom and shut the door and dropped the seat to pee in silence instead of sounding like a horse peeing on a flat rock.

After the deed was done, I washed my hands and dried them on what I hoped was a hand towel, it was light outside, but with the drapes closed it was still dark behind the closed door of the bathroom.


I slowly climbed back into bed and I moved myself to be in close proximity to Ling, but I didn't touch her with my hands but I just lied close enough to touch.


My plan worked, within a few moments she "found" me and wrapped herself around me again, this time her lips were just touching my neck and I could feel her warm breath on my neck everytime she exhaled.


"Lord, give me strength!"


My brain was arguing with the main decision maker, the one that gets drunk when you do and allows the suggestion part of your brain to pass things through that it normally wouldn't even consider.


The suggestion part was wondering about putting a move on. The input analysis section was going crazy with ideas because of the feelings of her breath and lips on my neck!

In response, the brain sent a secret command to get the canon ready for a full salute. My brain control center did not like the idea when it found out there was an unwanted bulge that may be offensive. It was ordered to think of dead puppies, ugliness, pain and suffering to aleve the tell tale sign of an impending display of affection.


It barely worked.


I was going crazy with desire but was stifling all but the most involuntary displays of it.


I was getting control when I felt her push up against me and then she stopped breathing and pulled her head up.


She looked at me for a second and then turned around and put her back to me and pushed her body against me.


I was wondering what this meant when she took her hand and grabbed my right arm and pulled it around her.


So now we were "spooning" clothes on, early morning, two strangers in a sub freezng room. Yeah, that's normal. It happens all the time.


I felt comfortable again and now I started snoozing and eventually, I fell asleep again.


I woke up to find her getting her things together and I said "Good morning Ling!"


She smiled a big pretty smile revealing nice white teeth and a gleam in her eye.


"Good morning my big bear Kevin!"


"Thank you for saving my life, I will never forget it!"


"Aw, it wasn't anything."


"No, you are smart and you treated me nice and you were cuddly like a teddy bear!"


"Thanks! I guess. So, where are you going? Can we get some breakfast?"


"No, I really need to go now. I should have been in Erie today."


"So, this is it? I mean can I call you some time?"


"Yes, I would like that, I am putting my card on the table here."


"Ok Thanks, well it has been fun! Do you need any help?"


"No, I am fine, but I have to go now, Thank you for everything!"


She started out the door and turned to pull the handle up on her suitcase better and she stopped and looked at me. She smiled and made a face. Then she came back in and shut the door. She came to the bed where I was sitting up and stood in front of me and with a sheepish look on her face she started to say:

"We slept like lovers last night and I wanted to tell you I felt good sleeping with you. If I ever decide to find a man of my own I want him to be like you and for him to take care of me like you did!"

"So, I just want something else for you to help me with."

I said, "Sure, anything!"

So she smiled a big smile and jumped on the bed and pushed me down and she got on top of me and straddled me and she looked at me an inch from my face and she asked, "May I?"

As I was formulating an answer she leaned down and kissed me. It was a great kiss! One of those slow, soft, gushy sexy kisses! It curled my toes and stopped my heart and pretty much fried my brain.


Then, after what was probably the best kiss of my life, she got down off the bed and she said, "Thanks! I wanted to do that all night!"


"All night?" I said, "Well why didn't you?" I asked increduously.


"Well, I wasn't sure you wanted to. You were such a gentleman and you were so classy, I felt ashamed to do it and so I didn't ask."


"Bye Kevin! Thanks!"


She walked out of the door and out of my life. I was sitting there with my mouth open and my body still tingling like I had been electrocuted!


To this day I question my resolve to be a gentleman when in bed with a strange woman, a strange beautiful Chinese HOT woman who was a good kisser.


I finally worked up the guts to call her, but alas! The card was all worn out and the number was illegible.


So, if you see me wandering around looking in a camera shop, you'll know I'm not looking for a camera!


Now you know why I like blizzards.

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