dangerous blades part 3

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continuation of the series

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



As we continued thru school Anna was staring at me all day as her long black hair was blowing in the wind. Her legs were bare as she wore platform open toed sandals. True I knew it was summer, who couldn't forget how hot it is and how many people passed out from dehydration.

As the bell rang Anna yanked me along with her as I got dragged across the floor with her. She stared at me with an evil smile on her face.

"Time for you to go to my class I'm pretty sure you can skip a few classes" She said.

I looked at how fast she walked, As I tried to tickle the heel of her right foot, As she stopped and looked at me with a smile as she removed her sandal and gave me her right foot as I tickled it once as excitement of joy came out of her mouth. As her hand squeezed the life out of mines, As she kept staring at me not letting me out of her sight, Then as I got up on my feet, She hugged me tight as she French kissed me more and more, Her squeeze was a grip of an anaconda as I gave in to her French kisses.

That being said Anna was now the most beautiful girl I have ever french kissed, As I looked at her one last time. Then I looked at the clock as I gasped in surprised.

"Come on were going to be late for class." I said as I tried to pry her vise grip arms away from my waist.

But Anna had other evil plans; as she pulled me towards Her and hugged me liked she never hugged anybody before.

"What's the rush? Besides your pleasing me is not over, It will never be over, You will give me all of your attention all school year long. I'm your subject in every classroom; ignore the teachers for I'm controlling everything you do. Your sister will no longer be a threat to us, if she wants you that badly, she'll have to get you over my dead body". She said with a sick laugh.

Then to a surprise, My sister Max was coming up on the bridge, As I seen her I tried to yell out to her, But Anna squeezing took all my air away from me, I tried to gasp for air, But she wouldn’t let me as Anna showed an evil stare at Max, As she continued to walk with her classmate Janet into the high school section, I knew all hope was lost, As the final school bell ranged, Anna dragged me towards the elevator.

Now not only is this a nightmare, but I knew that this nightmare was just the beginning and it's far from over.

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