dangerous blades part 4

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continuation of the series

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



Anyway as the final school bell rang, I hopped on the bus to go home as I saw my sister Max with her best friend dawn. (That’s not her name but bear with me) As I sat next to my sister, Max crossed her arms as she didn't even want to look at me or talk to me but she did say something about Anna thou.

"I see you and Anna are being super close, I guess I’m not that important to you as a sister am I?" she said.

I tried to talk to her, but all she wanted was for me to leave her alone. So as we gotten home, I got off the bus as the woman with the long legs and blonde hair was standing there waiting for me, as I got off she petted my hair as she hugged me and said:

"You’re a sweet young boy Gabriel, and I want you to know that, I'm here for you every hour, mintute, day, second. I want you to know that I hope you’re the one I marry in the future...

Then Max interferes

"Whoa!!! Whoa!!! Hold up!!! Time out!!!" she says as she clears her throat.

"One your too old to have my brother your 24 yrs old and 2 my brother is 16 going on to be 17 so if I was you, I go the other direction Mary or should I say Mrs. Fox" she said.

I gasp as I was in shock. This woman was my principal, Why nobody didn't tell me these things, Why I haven't notice that, And why would she want me, Knowing in the news there were a lot of sexual assaults on minors anyway.

Then I walked with Max as I catch up with her, as I was huffing and puffing from running.

"How stupid am I Max to know that the woman that was at our bus stop was our principal, I thought there was a huge difence in the two" I said.

Max looked up at the sky

"No how dumbfounded are you, Look! She’s the one that embarrassed me in front of the whole school, And your going to sit here and fall in love with somebody that doesn’t like me, Come on Gab, Your better then that. And not only that your suppose to be my brother, Who suppose to protect me, I'm only 12 yrs old and I want my brother back weather you like it or not" she said. As Max walked into the house.

So there I was, stuck in between the two Anna and my principal Mrs. Fox. Now I have to decide: Should I drop Anna to protect my sister? OR should I drop Mrs. Fox and let my sister be tormented by my principal, and not be there for her at all.

To be continued...

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