inside the mind of a killer

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anna mind has been possied with murdering people since she was 3 yrs old now witness the most shocking tale as anna herself tells you how it was all done

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



What goes on in the mind of Anna? For she never been given her last name. Maybe her last name resembles something she hates. Or it can be something she enjoys. But Anna resembled something; something so terrifying it was worst then al qada as a 5 yr old she murdered 5 girls she murdered them with a knife to make them bleed to death sounds too graphic? Don’t worry viewer discretion is advised.1


“What goes thru my mind? Heh! You wouldn’t believe what I hear, what I feel, what I want out of people. I have to tell you at the age of three yrs old I did my first murder in kindergarten I took plastic scissors and stab a 4 yr old girl in the heart. 3

I had a rage problem, I couldn’t control it, and it consumed all of me. I was on a rampage scarring teachers and the principal as well. They called my parents, and my parents were just as afraid of me, if not worst. 4

I knew they were I felt it in my veins, it felt good and so tasty (licks lips) I wanted them to taste the fear they had for me. Were they living in a nightmare? Of course they was you idiot, other then that I would be afraid of them.5

But I heard how they spoil me. Spoil? Wow! I mean come on I’m more then spoiled I have power lots of power at a very young age. Enough were I can take over the earth, which was my ultimate plan from the start,6

Your afraid of me already, I can see it in your eyes you are for you can’t fool me (picks up a sharp tool) yes! I feel all of that fear that you have for me come closer, and don’t even think about running away for you have nowhere to run. 7

Your fear is mines all mines, and from this moment on you will see why I love to kill. (Evil sick laughter)8

Chapter 1: sick child9

What? You thought nobody would call me a sick child I had this adrenalin in me that keeps me going and boy did it made a whole lot of kids scared of me at recess time. You see these kids were playing kickball, as soon as the ball got to my feet. The boy asked, “Can you give us the ball back please?” I bit the ball popping it then I walk towards the boy I showed a sick smile, the boy back up and falls to the ground. He crawls towards the crowd of kids, who were also afraid of me.10

I felt there fear for me every last one of them. (licks lips over and over again) man it taste good, and it made me feel powerful made me want to boss these kids around at age 4. So far nobody hadn’t said to me, I don’t scare them cause the next day 2nd thru 5th grades, I murdered one in each grade to show them who they are really talking to (evil laugh).11

Okay you want me to go into detail on how I did it? Heh! Well let’s start with the biggest boys in school the 5th graders as soon as the lights went out in the classroom and down to the last kid (which was a boy perfect!) I distracted him with a doll that giggles; he looked back asking who was there? He got no response. Then he walks towards the rear desks that were there. And he found nobody behind them. Then bam! He was gushing with blood as it squirted out he went on his knees and fell face first holding his neck. I walk towards his body holding the bloody knife that I used to slit his throat; I smiled knowing that everyone else was in danger. 12

Hours later when the kids came back from recess, the teacher screamed as she backed the kids out of the classroom. I hid behind a wall, watching her expression, she was scared very scared I knew her fear was mines, but I saved her for last for I know she wasn’t also a teacher, but a detective. How do I know this? Easy I went inside of the principal’s office while she was distracted, I quietly and quickly look thru the files to find Mrs. Donavan’s file, turns out her first name was macy and she was the world’s bravest detective. Heh! Brave! You saw it she showed fear after I murdered a 5th grader.13

. Oh and I left a little note telling everyone in the classroom about his suicidal death.14

Chapter 2: the 4th grade massacre15

Now this one I had fun with it was nighttime, 4th graders were going to have a party out side on the recess grounds at school. Everybody was chatting meeting with his or her former classmates; the music was rocking and so forth, I disguised my self as a bouncer so to speak, I stole some football pads from a kid that was distracted, so I wore it as if to look tuff. One kid was being bullied by this boy, I walked over there and told him “leave him alone you have nothing ageist this boy” he left him alone, only for his back to be turned towards me, I walked quickly behind him and slit his throat, then I hurried and dragged his body so nobody wouldn’t notice. I picked up his body and threw it in one of the dumpsters, then the award ceremony was about to begin as they clap for a boy named Tommy, they clapped but no response from the boy. The girl said his name again, still no response. She told the crowd she’ll be right back, wrong move for I know deep down I would kill her if she tries to come towards my direction. She did and it cost her life, I let her pass me as I wrapped my arm around her neck and slit her throat as blood gushed out, and i did the same thing I did to the bully threw her body in the dumpster as well. I was enjoying it fear was coming to me in a big way, I ran inside the school as I went towards the women’s bathroom, I locked the door so nobody couldn’t come in. I washed the knife clean as if I never used it, wiped the fingerprints off of it and I put it in my backpack. The rest of the 4th graders have a little surprise, but I won’t tell you that yet.16

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