The Warrior's Claim

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jennie Wardson got stuck doing night shift duty at her job. Which is out in the middle of no where. She dreams of aliens, but never thought she would actually meet any or be abducted by one! Now she must come to terms with her capture, but the insanely hot warrior that took her isn't making it easy to say no.

Prime Ignes was told he had to mate with an Earth female. Which is not what he wanted. He dreamed of having a family and to show a worthy female even a warrior had a heart. He never dreamed the sexy, curvy Earth female would ignite his claiming instincts! Now he must prove they are fated mates and earn her heart.

Can both learn to love or will an old jealous enemy tear them apart? It is a race against time for a proud male to claim his female and if he does, he wins everything, but if he loses... he has more than his life to lose!

This book is a stand alone and is a guaranteed HEA! No cliffhangers, no cheating, etc. Just a lot of steamy scenes and adult content!

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Table of Contents

Chapter One

Earth, 9 p.m. at a nondescript gas station... The clock over on the opposite side was an interesting point to stare at for Jennie... Read Chapter