The Girl that the World Forgot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is about bullying and what people say and do can really affect their life to where they think the only choice is suicide

She takes that bottle 

Every shot she takes 
Takes away the pain
 little by little 
You haven't seen her 
at her breaking point
 because she hides it 
with the smile
Every day her heart crumbles 
like paper
She tries to find love 
in other men but they just use her, abuse her, tell her she's worthless 
She goes home at night and waits for everyone to sleep 
She sits there with tears rolling out of her eyes 
She buries her head in the pillow and screams at the top of her lungs 
But no one can hear her 
One day she got pushed to far
She goes to the bathroom 
Fills the bathtub with water 
And she starts slashing at her wrists
She feels pain then she feels numb
When her mother walks in the water was bright red and their little girl was gone 
They cried and pleaded to God why this happened 
No one knew that she was bullied 
No one knew the pain she felt everyday of her life
No one knew that she hated this so called life that she ended it. Ppl at school acted like everything was fine
They were to blame 
But would they confess  
No bc she was just a girl no one cared about
Soon everyone forgot what happened 
And they lived their life not caring what they caused
The pain of the loved ones
They didn't care bc they didn't have to wake up everyday knowing that they will never see their little girl again
Thanking what their grandchildren would look like and how she would've been the best mother, the best wife
It's hard to say but things like this is very common in United States 
Why do we have to push to that point Why do we have to push to where the only way is to end their life
You think this is a game it's not this serious
Your putting someone at risk for what you say or do to them 
Don't you have a heart 
Think about it next time you see someone getting bullied just think how you would feel as a parent 
What if you came home and your son/daughter was laying there dead with a note saying that kids were bullying them 
You would feel lost no parent should have to go through something like that
So next time you open your mouth make sure it's a compliment bc you never know that that little nice compliment will save someone's life
So please help stop bullying make this stop 
Bc you never know if one of them would be a love one or a close friend 

Submitted: December 20, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Terriphelps93. All rights reserved.

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