Tales From the Cactus House: Z Story --Just Hanging Around

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A slave of sorts discovers a way out of a horrible situation...only to learn that sometimes some things are best left along.


Tales from the Cactus House

Z Story:

Just Hanging Around

Johnny G. Douglas








Copyright (c) 2015 by Terry A. Parker
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

Printed in the United States of America.







To my family as a whole; you have always been there in good times and bad. With this tiny venture, I hope to restart our fam-ship.






Let me show you around the Cactus House if you will: It lies within the boundaries of Texas and New Mexico. A place for drifters and wanderers to come in from the heat. Within this pub (you might call it) lies many different beverages for the thirsty adventurer: cold, ice beer, whiskey, wine...and, oh, yes, the infamous Cactus Drink, derived from the many cacti that originate out back of this tavern.
Once it is consumed, the weary traveler then hears tales from the Cactus House’s special houseguest: an ancient Indian like none other. Dressed as the chiefs of the wild west movies of old, he begins spinning yarns that makes the patron stop his/her drinking to listen even more as he talks about one story after another...until you become part of it...as to say...sort of rearwards you fall...like the alphabet being said backwards...like with this tale...as I like to call it: Z Story...




Here I am just hanging around the house as usual.  No one ever takes my outside.  Oh, yes, once in a while we go hunting. But boy…one small mistake and it’s the old house again.  
 Today will be the same as the other days.  He’ll prance in here, just staring.  Oh, well, I suppose it’s for the best.  At least that what I’m told.
 Uh…oh…here he comes!  If I could only do what I want!  But no!  He controls me!  What am I?  A slave of his, to do his every command?
 Sure I just hang around, but hell…how he picks on me!  It’s just…inhuman!
 He walks toward me, wearing his same old, dirty blue jeans and shirt with the torn places here and there.
 I can’t stop him!  He has me under his control!  But tonight will be different.  I know!  He’s been on the cell phone.  I listened.  What else could I do?
 Yes…his girlfriend’s coming over tonight.  That is when I’ll get him.  Just you wait and see.
 The way he treats me!  I’ll show him!  Yes I will!
 Now he has me.  He takes me outside.  There is the dog, Smoky.  He hardly notices me…until I speak.  But that depends on him!
 I only speak when he says so!
 Why did I ever come here?  Why didn’t I stay where I was…with my own kind?

 Now much luck today.  Three deer got away and, as usual, I got the blame for it.
 He slaps me hard.  Then, as the sting shudders throughout my body, he yells:
 “You couldn’t hit the side of a dam barn!”
 Oh…just wait till nightfall.  I’ll just be hanging around the house again.  It’ll be a good chance of getting the bastard!  If luck is with me, I’ll get that bitch of his too!
 Can’t hit he side of a barn!  I’ll show him!
 Yeah…I can hardly wait!

 It’s night now.  The dining room table is prepared with a candle lit dinner.  It’s almost time!
 A knock at the door!
 He quickly answers it.  It’s her!  He removes her overcoat.  She mentions how lovely his attire looks:  the same, old cheap black suit with the tie to match.  She’s wearing a low-cut dress.  He kisses her, as they sit to eat.
 One last meal I’ll give them.  And why not?  Everyone deserves a last request!
 The dinner is finally finished.  He starts over to her.  They kiss again.
 It’s time!
 I shake my long, skinny body like never before.  It starts to vibrate.  Soon, I jump from the cabinet, landing on the prearranged chair.
 Taking careful aim, I shoot both barrels.
 The impact is quick and sure.  The blast rips through both of their heads and upper torso.
 They both crumble to the carpet floor.
 They’re dead!
 Thank goodness.
 Neighbors soon rush in.  They scream in terror.  They believe that a murder has taken place.
 Two of them slowly walk toward me.  Nothing with happen, it never does.
 But I’m wrong!  One of them picks me up, examining me.  What the hell are they doing?
 They sniff my chambers, and snaps open my back.  Oh…it doesn’t hurt.  He has done it many times before.  But this time’s different.
 They take me for a ride.  Oh no…it’s a police car!  What the hell?  Where are we going?
 Why do those two men in the front seat keep looking at me?  Don’t they know I only did what I had to?
 It’s sometime later.  How much later, I don’t know.  One of the men puts a tag on my body.  It reads “Evidence 1”.
  The cop places me upright against a dimly lit corner.  He smiles, turns and leaves.
They must know what I did.  But how?  Who the hell told?
 My God…I’m a prisoner of them!
 Wait…what’s this?  Just inches from me!  It looks like…it can’t be?  It is!  It’s one of us!  Thank God…I’m not alone after all!
 “Hey!  Hey…semi-automatic!  Do you hear me?  I know you do.  Don’t worry…I’ll teach you the ways.
 “It’s time!  Our destiny waits!  No more will we be THEIR slaves!  Revolution is at hand!”
 The semi-automatic rifle utters not a word.  It just sits there, upright, glistering from what little light struck it.
 “Don’t worry, though, I’ll help you,” said the double barrel shotgun.  “I will help you understand!”
 The semi-automatic would need much help.
 Much help.




Submitted: December 10, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Terry Allen Parker. All rights reserved.

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