Melted Contentment

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After the decade anniversary of her husbands death Sian knows her destiny.

Submitted: January 20, 2011

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Submitted: January 20, 2011



The party had worn on through the night. Dancing and music played and the people remembered the fallen friend. Bidding goodnight to her children Sian left the ballroom. Casting one look back at them she smiled. Going up the grand staircase she came to the floor where her oldest son and his wife lived she crept into their suite. Leaving a note on the bedside table she left knowing they would return from festivities late and find the note all too late. Sian continued to all of the rooms that they lived in and put their personal note on each table. She returned to her chamber and took the fine dress she wore off. She removed the bracelets and earrings that decorated her and placed them in their casket. Letting her hair down from its elegant due she brushed it out and braided it simply as she had for so long. Pulling out from the wardrobe an old dress she dressed herself. Sian took a look in her mirror and smiled, without the elegance old elaborate dresses and jewels she looked as she did before her marriage. For Sian hadn’t always been the wealthy woman the people knew of these days but from birth until she was seventeen she lived as a common working woman. Walking over to the wall she turned the gas down. And left the room

It was bitter outside. The wind tore through her dress and Sian tugged the old shawl around her. She left the grounds of the estate and headed towards the woods.

She crossed the river frozen by the midwinter chill. She came to a clearing as snow dusted the ground. Leaning against a tree she sank to the ground and waited for death in his hooded cloak to come.

The sun was warm and two youths ran through the woods. The sun dappled the ground shining its rays on the forest floor. Coming across a river the boy helped the lady across the wet stones. He pulled her hands and guided her toward a blanket set up so for a picnic. The two feasted on their meal and when it was over the boy lay down and looked at the sky through the trees. The girl now angled herself across him blocking his view. With a smile he pulled her down and embraced her.

Cold crept into Sian’s bones as she waited. But deep inside her the memory of a day and a picnic filled her with warmth.

Time passed and Sian lay in bed with her newborn. She’d been told she was lucky a baby boy healthy and strong in her first pregnancy. Her husband came in and took the child from her Llyr. Ianto with his large brown eyes of his mother and golden hair of his father. He was so timid for so long that no one knew what he was going to be in the world. Bronwyn all raven curls and shining blue eyes. Her skin like a drop of coffee in a bowl of cream regal and intelligent Rhiannwyn . Most like her she was told in appearance. With her mocha skin and raven curls. Gareth the youngest male in the family his father’s last heir Tirion the baby of all. Her father’s shining angel with her golden hair and deep blue eyes.

Years had passed and the girl now stood next to her husband as orders called for every man to sign up to fight. The hands joined by the two were broken as he stepped forward to accept the offer. The girl stood stiffly until he returned before he once again took his hand in hers.

They returned to the estate to tell their children the news. And each took it their own way. When it was time for him to leave Tirion ran up to her father with a piece she cut from her dress for her father to tie round his gun to remember her. And when her left Sian stood with all her children.

Time had passed and the war kept on. And on the 18 of December a horse galloped into the estate. And at that time Sian knew that the worst had come and she brushed off the non existent dust and composed herself. But the news brought was not of a body on the way but of an ailing man who was on the edges of death. Sian set off alone against the begging of her son to come with. She journeyed to a hospital with its beds filled with blooded men. The bed of her beloved was kept in a corner. A crimson splotched white bandage wrapped itself around his head. Sweat covered his face and his breath was irregular and weak. A man a doctor she supposed told her that his time was limited.

Sian leaned over his bed and grabbed the copper basin filled with water. She dabbed at his face in hopes to bring his fever down though she knew that he was beyond any amount of care. Slowly his eyes bluer than the sky after a storm opened. His lips cracked open and he uttered a dry gasp. Taking his hand in hers Sian drew them up to her mouth and placed a kiss on the bruised and scratched hands.

“Why did you lie to me said you would return to me.” Sian whispered

“I never meant to lie.” His words were dry and gritty “Sia....” his words were broken by a attack of harsh coughs that shook his great frame. Sian put a cloth to his lips and when it was drawn back blood stained it. Trying to hide the red spots she cupped his cheek in her small hand. Gently she stroked the dominate jaw bone and chin. He closed his eyes enjoying the simple feeling of a touch he wanted t remember her like this wanted to remember this feeling. “I wasn't supposed to go like this.” he sank into the pillow and tried to regain the strength that had been taken from him by the coughing. He turned back to Sian and continued talking “I know that you'll raise them right their in good hands with you.”

“Let us not fill up time with pretty words Arthur.” Sian said stroking his blond hair off his forehead.

“But pretty words can feel so good.” Arthur responded smiling slightly. Sian returned the smile and agreed to his words. The two reminisced on the time that was spent together and his hopes for their children. But all to soon he began to drift off as the tiredness crept back in. and it was when he had drifted off that the barrier that had kept Sian's tears away broke and hot streams of salt water flooded her mocha colored face. Letting out a gasp she let her head fall to the bed. She took his hand that was now clammy and placed it on her face holding it close. She kept it there for a long time just wanting to remember how he felt. She let it go and looked back at her husband his face already fair was now ghostly white and his chest broad and muscled was still.

It was still. Closing her eyes for a second Sian opened them again hoping that it was the tears that had caused the vision. But when she took his hand again it was already cooling. She leaned over and placed a final kiss on his cracked lips.

Tears freezing ran out of Sian's closed eyes the snow had already covered the ground with its heavy flakes. It piled on her lashes and covered her curls once a brilliant raven wings black now edged with gray.

“Sian.” the sound of her name was echoed through the empty forest. Opening her eyes she turned her head looking for its source.

“Sian.' this time her eyes met the source.

And their he stood. Arthur in all his glory, standing tall and proud. His uniform clean and manicured. The buttons shining and the a glow emitted from him that lit his sun kissed hair luminous. And he was so young younger than he was at the time of his death. He walked to her. Knelt don to her level at the tree.

“You don't have to leave now Sian. It doesn't have to be your time.” his voice Sian thought oh how she had missed its deep vibrations that would fill her ears each morning.

“But it is I know that in my heart that it is.” and with that Arthur reached his hand out for hers she took it and the numbness that had set in vanished and a liquid warmth swept through her body. Along with the warmth the burden of pain left. She caught her reflection in the frozen stream. She was young and the feeling of life was in her again. She smiled truly smiled and turned to her husband. The two walked hand in hand into the golden light.

It was only a few hours later when shouts filled the woods and a son came upon the body of a mother. Ice now hung from her lashes and snow covered her skirts. But the content expression on her face melted the harshness around her.

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