Oh the Deformity

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The bones the boils the skin the face.

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



The little one in blue

So pretty but had no clue

The horrors of this world

The skin burns and mind is curled

Oh the deformity!

How it takes over quickly

Flowers that fester and eyes that boil

Blood that's black and the hearts that coil

Disfigurement is beauty

But people gives us pity

from our skin thats peeling

but we have no feeling

We drowned in lakes

In ovens we bake

our deadly tone

and the voices that drone

On and on we shall sing

Of bugs and death and other things

Oh the deformity! The children whisper

the ones who are scarred, there words a whimper

The beast who eats things cold

with black buttons so bold

sewn into the eyes so he cannot harm

another one with his devilish charm

And oh the deformity of our litlle

one in blue,hair so brittle

her throat is burned

but none concerned

her needle and thread

to fix all the dead

she brings them to her world

where the skin burns, and the mind is curled

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