Roses To Vivian-- Excerpt

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Marshall will do anything for her. He will. That's what he had always said to her.... right? Anything for Vivian. But that.

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



"Marshall... come on Marshall, this isn't funny anymore." she sobbed.

I would miss her. More than anything. I thought I could save us.... If it means risking my life for her, it's worth it. I lied to Vivian. Not a little one, big. Too big for her. She can't find out, never. I don't want her to be in danger for someone who isn't worth it. Who will be? She is everything. Vivian Rin, how could love someone who never treats you the way he wants, who can do everything but save you, who has kept a secret that stops time. A secret I have kept for over 1,000 years. Why?

" Vivian... why do you do that" I sputtered. Even talking hurts now.

She looked at me. Tears swelling and overflowing in her eyes. Those eyes. She spoke gently to me. Too gently.

" Do what Marshall? Not be able to save you!! I tried so hard.... but I just  wound up making it worse..." she sobbed even harder. " I will do anything for you Marshall you know that. You're like a brother."


There were those words again. Like a Brother... I wanted more.


" Why do you intend to tease me like that?" Slowly the words slipped off. As I lay dying Vivian is hunched over, covered in my blood.


" What are you talking abo-"


" I love you Vivian." I coughed. She just stared. That's all she usually does to me, stare. I want her to stare, I want her to be the one to watch me die. I want her to love me back.

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