The new ALICE

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The new queen in wonderland is far more repulsive.

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



These roses of bountiful grace

An evil smile takes it's place

As the shadows cast, and night pushes on

All hope is lost. The mind is gone

The tea is rancid, the cups are shattered

Th hare is dead, And the Mad one who Hattered?

His head now rolls, this way and that

As does the queens, the mouse, and that cat

Off with Her head! The citizens sang

All with joy. As church bells rang

She lay in shackles, bound tight with hate

Her evil smle stays, but she is late

The one rabbit said it

His white fur bright, his beady eyes lit

She will not survive, with a pale face and frail hair

She is disfigured, and so far from fair

She wanted this all. To tame the ones

who wandered the night. Gnawing on bones

The new Alice of wonderland, who ruled with spite

Who lied to death, who destroyed the light.....

No one has seen her, since that dasterdly dream came

Which corrupts the mind. But Alice does the same

Two new children. Full of curiosity

Have wandered down the hole you see

It will not be long

For Alice still sings her bloody song

Stepping up, the children hand in hand

Why hello there little ones! Welcome to Wonderland

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