Anniversary Plan

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I wrote this story for my fiction class.. It's about a love that won't last because of a anniversary plan that goes very wrong.

Submitted: May 17, 2008

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Submitted: May 17, 2008



Anniversary Plan

Matt and Emma were driving home from eating at Emma’s favorite Italian restaurant. No, he was driving and she was sitting in the front seat, singing along to a mix C.D. that he had made for her. It was all part of his huge six day anniversary plan, a day for every month they had been together. He gave her a necklace one day, watched her favorite movie the next day and took her to a fancy Italian restaurant in the city the third day. She held his hand as they walked back to the car after the expensive meal. It would take him almost a whole week’s income to pay for that meal.

It was when they were driving home that they heard the gun shot noise. Emma screamed. Matt grabbed her hand, and moved the car to the side of the road. Realizing it was just a flat tire, the two of them got out of the car.

Matt was grabbing the spare from the back of his silver car as Emma was leaning against it talking to him. He was looking at the tire when the second car of the night hit the same pothole. He was barely looking up when the large clumps of metals collided, enclosing Emma in between them and causing her to scream his name. He wasn’t looking after the paramedics rolled her away. He wasn’t looking at the guy who had collided into his car. He wasn’t looking at the police officer. He just couldn’t bring himself to look.

Seeing what was around him wasn’t his only problem; he couldn’t seem to hear anyone either. When the officer told him that the pothole was on the cities list of things to repair, nothing registered. He wasn’t listening when his mother told him what time the funeral was, he wasn’t listening when his Father asked him to wash up and put a suit on for the funeral. He couldn’t seem to pull out of the fog he was in. And now he was sitting in the pew, a blown up picture of Emma at the front of the church with the coffin next to it, covered with yellow roses. Emma’s favorite. Now all Matt could see were the yellow roses. He couldn’t stop looking at them. Six yellow roses was day four.

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