Such An Addiction

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When affection becomes your addiction

Submitted: March 25, 2015

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Submitted: March 25, 2015




My sweetest you’re my affliction, my one and only addiction

Every suitor shares this condition, muttering the same rendition

My hands dripping, my saliva’s clearing, my nerves clicking

You’re laughing, but I’m not kidding, my head’s spinning

My throat’s closing, my heart’s skipping, I’m not sure if I’m living

Your voice is my LSD, I’m sure that shell is me, I’m straight tripping

Your scent is my Mary Jane, it tickles my brain, is my body floating?

Your smile is my Heroin, the needle is in, and I can’t describe what I’m feeling

Your mind is my alcohol, I hope you call, was this Romeo as he was falling

In love with Juliet, not caring who he made upset, her name he was calling

Our story doesn’t need to be a tragedy, but withdrawal is surely misery

You’re my Methamphetamine, I’m sure I’m a drug fiend, my kids can’t see

I feel like Frankie, who sat on that lawn and was handed something tasty

Now I’m sitting cold turkey, a little jerky, thinking how I did I let you bait me

Wasn’t this supposed to be a onetime thing, a summertime fling?

I won’t feel satisfied until I get that chapel to sing, and on your finger sits a ring

Hey come back I know you hear my scream, this feels too real to be just a dream

The way you played me, is this a scheme, did you plan on not letting me redeem

Your love, come back you little dove, for a quick moment could you please yield

I’m normally not this weird, but I’m seriously not interested in playing the field

At least not any more, you touched me at my core, don’t leave me on the floor

Of this crackhouse, with a craving I can’t douse, it leaves my heart inexplicably sore

Your eyes are my codeine, I’ve entered a new scene, where you’re no longer a fiend

Hypnotized and under your mercy, I didn’t listen at first, but I now see what they mean

I thought I could control myself when we first met, surely you couldn’t have been a threat

Asking if you are hazardous is asking if water is wet, but on you my mind was set

Your lips are my cigarette, and every time I pucker up you tell me not to fret

Consistently you tell me I’m doing what’s correct, and eventually my feelings you’ll accept

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