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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story


Chapter 1: The Satire

Leaf is the epitome of a perfect American.

The Mother is underweight. Delusions of fat are her deepest fears. She just recently lost the battle of “The Deserted Refrigerator”. Now she is being supplied with new food ammunition. Lord Hungry must fall next time. Last battle was lost, as well as every battle before, but next time she will win

As long as the eldest female of the family has her New Year’s resolutions to look forward to, there is a reason. A reason to survive and outlive the vast plains of Walmart. Being cashier is a hard job.

In her free time The Mother becomes an intelectual, sacrificing her life for the better of the world. She participates in highly political, serious and heated discussions where she, along with her friends, orders a coffee in the café and wholeheartly agrees with anything said on television. The special job is otherwise known under the code name “I’m bored, do you want to have a coffee with me?”

And in some rare occasions the mom goes shopping. And repeat it every week. Waiting for the holidays and a fresh new year…

So when the New Year comes, many resolutions are made with the absolutely pure motivation of “I will do it this time!”

“She’ll be back in a few days” Mcdonald’s workers comment between themselves then. “They always come back”

And, that is how the life runs on a treadmill. Doing nothing but killing brain cells and saving the world - living The American Dream ™. And occasionally when The Dad and The Son have a fight, Super Mom comforts her most cherished possession, The Son. Otherwise she sits silently because saying “I’m proud of you, my Son!” is father’s job – just as the Traditional Christian values, that America was founded on say.

Mom is the smartest of her friends – she knows that America was founded on Christian values. Some guy on TV said so, so it must be true.

In a nutshell, Anabella was the perfect mom, daughter, wife, friend and unintelligent American patriot, living her dream. The American Dream ™. God bless America!


Mercury, The Father is, as his name suggests, an offspring of some hippies who forged his name under the influence of home grown, green, illegal substances. He ended relationship with his creators after becoming a manager in, as he calls it “The big company“. What the company actually does Mercury knows not, but what he knows is that the opportunity to be on top of the hierarchy must feel good. Father’s deduction was perfect. By being a manager, he was more mature than his parents who actually had spiritual beliefs, as well as oppinions and not just a shiny new, useless job. Yes, his deduction was perfect, he concluded.

Except for his work, the job of dad is to make minds of children accept whatever media says, The American Dream ™ and of course – Jesus, our lord savior.


Two children went to some pretty good universities. Leaf on the other hand did not. But that is what is to be expected as he still goes to the high school. He’s the only child left at home now and is very intelligent. As a smart computer wizard and capitalism know it all freak, he is destined to make a lot of money by fraud. He is destined to make a lot of money by the time he is thirty, what will allow his mother to abandon her friends and find new, more classy, rich ones.


A perfect American family they were. God bless America!

2: Interlude

The adolescent was closed in his room. The perfectly white walls were enveloped in shadows cast by many shelves hanging on the same white, shadow engulfed walls. They were populated by quite a big number of worthless mumbo jumbo, making the room feel small, like the ego of an individual without fate.

In the room, only light source was a big, massive CRT cube. It was shooting electrons towards the 21 inch glass portal from the digital world to our much less amazing, human reality. Leaf was sitting in front of the portal to the land of dreams. The instant messenger has been stretched over the whole screen.

It wasn’t just a casual pornographic image sharing users of his age usually did. It was something else – A serious business. Money earning, illegal business. As an intelligent person, Leaf knew how stupid actions casual users often commit online. Getting their credit card passwords is no problem if one is to think a little and do some coding.

“So, are you going to finish it by the next week?” he wrote and hit enter.

Leaf knew that his friend cryptically called “Aeon” didn’t use his real name. Nor did Leaf. Leaf was curious about the real name of Aeon’s. But it did not matter yet. Work before personal curiosity.

“Yes. Tomorrow we start” Aeon replied. Both of them got excited.


Aeon thought it was great to have an American friend. Potential was in there for some serious company to be opened. Leaf would do it in America where it was easier and the market was larger. And the two would make big money on it.

Aeon had two caring parents. The guy under the four letter nickname was 18, living alone and paying rent on his own. Being somewhat creative he earned enough to support himself every month. The mind of his was engulfed into the idea of cheating the conventional standards and constructing own rules to live and come by. Capitalism was a flawed system and it needed to be abolished, demolished, tackled and burnt down. Ashes to ashes and capitalism to dust because „I“ and „me“ are above the law, money and society. He hoped that he is the one to achieve greatness with the help of his friend “Spectral”.

Spectral and Aeon knew themselves in real life, but tended to talk on the internet as Spectral wasn’t fond of life. A kind of person that dreamt even more of wings than Aeon, he was.

Locked inside his own room of his own mind, Spectral was reading, exercising, thinking, dreaming and destroying. Gaining the momentum to do something one day. Life was not ideal, life was not nice. It needed to be bent and broken so it drifts away and transforms into a new form once and for all.


Leaf was thinking of the company. He already planned it. Aeon’s web page was the only thing missing.

What will he do when money starts simply pouring onto his credit card? Probably go away from home taking everything he owns with him. He’ll go away alone as his parents are too dumb to join him in his joy. Or would that be too cruel?

“I’m done” a simple message from Aeon stirred the emotions of the two computer avatars. The game was on.

Project went well.

Three weeks after the beginning, project was terminated and next stage entered.

Four months passed. The duo opened a company.

One year passed. Leaf was found dead.

Final Act: Sinister Beauty

Spectral and Aeon were walking down the street, but not down any street – down an American street!

As rarely as they smiled, the duo was clearly satisfied today with the turn their lives took. Both seemed quite aloof and detached, reliving some important moments of life in the land of free, timeless memories.


They thought about what they did to change all. It was few months ago; the pair of associates by human dictionary often called “friends” were walking down the solitary road towards a lonely park where they would be able to talk privately. The duo did not like being constrained by walls, but treasured solitary as if it was all.

An afternoon with barely enough light to call it a day was living its last moments. Vast plains of sky were colored in deep, miserable color. The same type greyish blue which sea assumes after being hit by a vicious storm. Those very few clouds situated up on the sky failed in their attempt to drape the feeling of dread by their white color of light. Instead, the horizon seemed even deader. It seemed as if the skies were decaying, soon to die and crash onto our heads. The Sun was just out of reach, a ghost hiding somewhere behind the atmosphere, two planets and millions of miles away. Air was a bit chilly.

The whole system, surrounding the park was giving a very specific feel of seclusion. World seemed, especially in a deserted park such as this one, like an isolated place. Like a reality where only a few desperate, aimless individuals live; roam free, searching for something unknown to them, forever out of reach. Timeless wasteland, an isolation of a human mind’s perished potential.

“The weather is beautiful. I don’t remember the last time I felt this chilly and aloof. Almost as if I am dreaming. Simply brilliant!” Spectral spoken with a low, calm voice, sounding excited.

Aeon and Spectral were moving silent for many infinite seconds. Both waiting for a smart thought worthy of cutting the tranquil silence among them.

Aeon was walking with big steps and high shoulders, as if he was showing off himself as a fearless God. Generic coloured shirt painted his chest. Spectral wore standard long trousers on his legs laid in a combination with their best friend – black belt. Belt was not to be seen, because it was overgrown by a long, pure black shirt with no symbols, no words staining it.

So, the two marched into a forest too small to obtain that magnificent title. For its size it had to be happy to have the title of a park.

Speed of walk was lowered as the final destination approached around the corner. Aeon responded to previous statement of Spectal, confirming that weather indeed was unique.

Aeon was thinking. Spectral looking into nothing.

“You said he would make no more problems and things will go smoothly. You killed him on your trip to America, didn’t you?”

“You know what I did”

“So how did it feel?”

“Thrilling. But that is just because it was something new. I’m already indifferent”

Silence again.

“Can I join you in your company?” Spectral asked.


“Thank you. Weather is really nice today…”

To Spectral world became lonely now. He was only person on it and soon to know everything.

To Aeon world was a toy now. No worries are what he had now and soon was to gain power.

Spectral turned around and followed by Aeon went home.


On the American street, Spectral turned to Aeon “We progressed, grew and finally overgrew a small life and a small sight. Still I need more.”

He made a short stop and continued “I’ve got an invitation from someone. I'm going to claim more knowledge.“

"Good luck.” Aeon said and watched Spectral as he walked over the street.

So Spectral vanished and Aeon did not hear from him again.

Submitted: April 05, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Test123. All rights reserved.

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