Living with god

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Sammy reflects on the tragidy that ripped apart his family. But what happens after he loses all he cars about?

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



The Crash

There was a series of mistakes which ripped our family apart.  There was a storm that night; the news told everyone it would be best if everyone stayed in for the night.  But my dad being my dad insisted we all went out for a nice family dinner.  That was mistake number one!  I have to admit the night was quite fun, well….. The beginning of it was.  My sister, Bekah, only complained about once.  My little twin brothers, Danny and Liam, only cried twice and they were because my Dad didn’t order enough marshmallows.

“They remind me of you when you were younger”, my Dad laughed.  He was a joyful man, always looking on the bright side of things.  We were great friends and hardly ever argued. 

The hour went by in a flash and before we knew it we were in the car struggling through the storm.

“You shouldn’t be driving” my Mum whined,” you’ve had over the limit of beers and it is unsafe”

“It’s fine” my Dad replied, “it’s not like I’m drunk!”Mistake number two.

I half laughed. The storm filled with rage, I imagined an angry man making the clouds cry as it shot down bolts of lightning above us. 

“Off in a day dream again?”  Chuckled my Dad. I looked up.  His bright eyes shined as he looked over his shoulder at me on the back seat.  Mistake number three!

“PAY ATTENTION!”  Screeched my Mum. 

You can probably guess what happened next...

The car span, glass smashed, that’s all I can remember until I woke up in the hospital bed.  The world was a blur.  My Mum was sitting beside me on a small plastic chair.  She faked smiled but I could tell she had been crying.  I had a feeling it wasn’t about me.

“Hello Sammy” I shivered.  Just then Bekah came in holding Liam’s hand.  My eyes slowly searched around the room for my Dad, he wasn’t there.  I slowly worked out the story in my head and the puzzle fell into place. 

My Dad should have been arrested for drunk driving.  He would of if, he had survived.

“Where’s Danny”, I asked worried. 

I’ve lost my Dad, my best mate. I couldn’t have lost my little brother as well.

“He is going to be fine” My mum mumbled.

I half expected her to say, unlike your Dad, she didn’t.  She then left the room.

 Me and Bekah looked at each other staring into each other’s sad eyes.  “You ok?” I asked her softly.  She half nodded but stopped to look at Liam.  I am not really sure if he understood what was happening, he was only 6.  “Where is Daddy gone?”  His sweet face stared at me. 

What was I meant to say?

“He’s has gone to live with God” tears came to my eyes as I spoke.

“Why? Didn’t he like it here?” He frowned.

“He did!” My sister cut in, “He’s just looking after us. 

After that hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months a nd months turned into years. Before I knew it I was an 89 year old man with sitting in an old red arm chair with a daughter and a son of my own. Danny and Liam grew up, Bekah grew up, my mum had died a long time ago of old age. We all slowly grew apart from each other after the death of my dad, they lived miles away.

I often saw my children; I didn’t get most of my life with my dad. I wanted it to be different for them. I wanted them to be close and have a good relationship unlike me and my siblings.

As I sat in the red , arm chair my eyes slowly closed and as they did my heart started to slow down. I took my last breath… in this world.

A light shone as a tall figure stood before me.

“Son, I have been waiting for your arrival,” The figure spoke.

“Dad?” I muttered

“I’ve missed you!” He said as he stepped forwards, I saw his cheerful face. His bright eyes. I saw… my dad.

I threw my arms around him, I pulled away and smiled, “the answer was yes,”

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