Hetalia and Cleverbot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

..Title says all.

''Whats that?''  Asked Sealand, peering over America's shoulder.

''Its Cleverbot.''

''Its a what now?''

''Cleverbot. Where you talk to a robot.''

''Sounds cool!'' Said Sealand.

''Sounds stupid.'' England looked at the screen. America shook his head. 

''You have a go!'' He pointed to England. ''Its not all THAT stupid.''

''I'd rather eat pasta.''

''Where?! Where?!'' Italy had mysteriously appeared. England just sighed, and sat down.

''Uhh..'' England looked up at America. ''What do i do?''

''Just type something.''

User: Hello.

CB: Hello.

''What now? I dont know what to put.'' America shoved england off the seat.


CB: Yogart?

User: Eh?

CB: You spelt that wrong. 

User: I didnt.

America looked up. ''Did i?'' Everyone shook they're heads.

CB: Whats your favorite colour?

User: Burgers.

CB: Oh no, im Joe. Not Jess.

User: Hi Joe.

CB: Hello Allen.

User: Im..A boy.

CB: Computers dont have genders.

User: -.-" Im not a computer.

CB: Do you like beer?

User: No i do- Hey, wait a minute..

CB: ? Im afraid i dont have alot of time on my hands.


CB: Im from England.

England raised his hands. ''I havent done anything.''

User: Which country?


User: ..Which part?

CB: Florida.

''GAAAHK.'' That was England's reaction. America cleared his throat.

''W-well, anyway. Who wants a go?''

''ME! ME! Please bro! Me!'' Canada jumped around.

''Who said that..? Anyway. Sealand?'' Sealand jumped onto the seat. 

''Um..I cant spell Hello.''

''Just put hi. It'll work either way.'' England reasured his brother.

User: hI.

CB; Good morning!

Sealand looked at his watch. 

User: Its affernon.

CB: Oh yes, my favorite type of buscuit.

''No, sealand. You havent had tea yet.'' Cut in England before Sealand had opened his mouth.


Sealand was violently shoved off the seat.

''M awesome!''

CB: Whats your favorite things?

User: Hungary and myself.

CB: Wheres myself?

User: ..Nevermind.

CB: Whats your favorite drink?

User: Beer.

CB: But your 12, joe!

User: IM GILBERT! AND IM  200!

''You are?'' Asked Italy.

CB: Whats your favorite food?

''I got this, i got this!''

Italy pressed microphone.



Submitted: February 24, 2012

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funny stuff, i love hetalia so i could picture that perfectly.

Fri, February 24th, 2012 8:51pm

the troubled teen

lol i wish that was in the anime x3

Sat, March 31st, 2012 6:09am


It was quite interesting...

Mon, May 9th, 2016 1:48pm

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